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Heat Transfer Conduction, Convection and Radiation :

Heat Transfer Conduction, Convection and Radiation

To Make Foldable::

To Make Foldable: 1. On the short side of the paper, fold it down an inch. 2. Now fold it in half, hamburger style. 3. Now fold it in 1/3. Conduction Convection Radiation Heat Transfer Examples Definition Examples Definition Examples Definition Outside of Foldable Inside of Foldable

Thermal Energy Transfer:

Thermal Energy Transfer Thermal energy transfer is heat moving from a warmer object to a cooler object . This is known as thermal energy transfer.

How is Heat Transferred?:

How is Heat Transferred? There are THREE ways heat can move. Conduction Convection Radiation


CONDUCTION Heat is transferred through direct contact.

Have you ever…:

Have you ever… touched a metal spoon sitting in a pan of boiling water only to be surprised by HOW HOT it is??


EXAMPLE OF CONDUCTION A piece of cheese melts as heat is transferred from the meat to the cheese ( Contact )


CONVECTION Heat is transferred by currents within the fluid or gas. Convection = VENTS (through air and liquid particles) Convection moves in a circular pattern

Examples of Convection::

Examples of Convection: Have you ever noticed that the air near the ceiling is warmer than the air near the floor? Or that water in a pool is cooler at the deep end?

PowerPoint Presentation:

Convection currents cause the cooler breezes you experience by a large body of water. These currents also cause the movement of magma within the earth.


RADIATION Radiation is the transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves Radiation does NOT require matter to transfer thermal energy Radiation = Radiates (heat escaping the sun)

Examples of RADIATION:

Examples of RADIATION

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