Continental Drift

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Continental Drift:

Continental Drift

Objectives :

Objectives Describe Wegener’s theory of continental drift and explain why it was not accepted at first Define tectonic plates

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In 1912, Alfred Wegener first proposed that the continents had started off as one huge land mass, that drifted apart.

Evidence for Continental Drift:

Evidence for Continental Drift Wegener found rocks of similar composition and age on Africa and S. America Similar Rock Types

Evidence for Continental Drift:

Same species of land animals found on opposite sides of Atlantic Ocean Evidence for Continental Drift Fossil Evidence

Evidence for Continental Drift:

Coal deposits and fern fossils in Antarctica Glacial deposits in India, S. America, Africa, Australia Evidence for Continental Drift Climate Evidence

Evidence for Continental Drift:

Similar mountain ranges on different continents now separated by water Evidence for Continental Drift Mountain Belts

Earth’s Structure:

Earth’s Structure Composition: described by differences in chemical make up

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Physical properties of the earth’s layers: Lithosphere Asthenosphere Mesosphere Outer core Inner core

Tectonic Plates:

Tectonic Plates Pieces of lithosphere that move around on top of the asthensphere The Earth has 14 major tectonic plates, and 38 minor plates, for 52 plates total

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