Alzheimer’s Dementia Care

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Preserve your cherished memories as we bring neuro rehabilitation centre in Bangalore and Kochi offering care and rehabilitation for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke, Paralysis, Parkinson etc.


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Alzheimer’s Dementia Care :

Alzheimer’s Dementia Care

About Us:

About Us Neurological disorders are one of the leading ailments among ageing-related chronic disorders. Our neuro rehabilitation centers in Bangalore and Kochi are established with an aim to enable the patients suffering from chronic neurological illnesses preserve their memories by serving them with advanced neuro rehabilitation methodologies with utmost compassionate care. Sukino provides the right mixture of care and supervision for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from Neurological disorders . Preserve your cherished memories as we bring neuro rehabilitation centre in Bangalore and Kochi offering care and rehabilitation for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke, Paralysis, Parkinson etc.


Services Awareness is the key. One has to be aware of the following important measures to help prevent Neurological disorders. We provide rehabilitative care for a range of neurological conditions and injuries like Alzheimer’s disease Parkinson’s disease Dementia Multiple sclerosis Cerebral palsy Spinal cord injury Traumatic brain injuries


Our clinical team along with caretakers assist patients in training their brain against the resistance developed due to progressive degeneration inside the brain or peripheral nervous system using problem-solving exercises. Our tools and strategies such as memory aids, advanced cognitive therapy or pill organizers help patients become more methodical in their routine and help them slower down the degenerative progress and assist them remember things better. Our practices are grounded in the knowledge of neuro physiology and neuro psychology. We have a customized plan for each patient as we understand that every patient requires unique care and medical treatment. We, at Sukino, believe in treating the patient in whole rather than just the disease.

The main modalities to improve the quality of life of the patients include: :

The main modalities to improve the quality of life of the patients include: Exercise: It is an essential component of our care that aims at improving the learning ability and managing the regular routine life of the patients. Speech & Swallow therapy: It’s help in improving the communication ability of the patients. The swallow therapy helps patients reduce the difficulty of swallowing.  Managing on the daily calories intake and providing a healthy diet as advised by the primary neurologist to improve the brain functions.  


Yoga and meditation therapy to calm the brain and instill positive mood in the patients. Psychological counselling and careful monitoring of the patients to improve their behavior alterations. At Sukino, we encourage and recommend patients to engage socially with their care givers and other fellow occupants to make them feel accepted, ease and comfortable just like they used to have at home or during their heydays.

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Contact Us:

Contact Us Address :- A, 1269, 22nd B Main Road, Vanganahalli,Sector 1,HSR Layout City :- Banga lore State :- Karnataka Country :- India Contact :- 91 - 7676299000 , 91-9902576888 Email :- Address :- Kariyappilly Building, Door No. XXX1/191-1-11/543/14,VMB Road Pathadipalam, Thrikkakara North, Kanayannoor Taluk,Ernakulam 682024 City :- Ernakulam State :- Kerala Country :- India Contact :- 91-7676 399 000 Email :-



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