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WHY TO SAVE FOR CHILDREN FROM DAY ONE Kids are pretty expensive if you have not heard. Even if you are just going to have one child you need to think of a lot of things if you are going to make sure that they get everything that they need to succeed in life. I believe the number is generally 1 million to raise a child but that is probably a little light. Think of it this way you might need a lot more than you think. 1 million might be the best-case scenario. Health is going to cost you. Clothes are going to cost you. College is going to break you. And that does not even get into the recreation and gifts that you feel guilty enough to buy. Saving must begin at day one and here are some other things that are going to cost you that should show you why you need to save. The Baby to Toddler Stage We should start off here because there is no way that you were prepared for all of the expenses of a new child. When you start out with your first child you are going to the doctor more than necessary and paying any expense to make sure that your child is in the best shape that they can be because you just do not know any better and want to do what is best. When you look back you might regret all of the spendings for things that you did not need but the comfort it gave you at the moment was actually enough to make sure that you felt safe. You are going to realize that the toys that you bought are not going to be enough. You are going to buy more and more stuff just to make sure that your little babe

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keeps that beautiful smile on their face. You are going to buy more and more cute clothes or just backups after a blowout ruins your favorite. You are not prepared so start saving on day negative 362. Childhood You think that you are prepared for your kids here but you are not going to see it coming how often you are buying clothes. Have three kids that are all different ages and you are going to know every store in the mall. The thing about kids is that they grow all the dang time. Just when you think things have slowed down they grow even more. I will not tell you how many shoes got three uses out of them because my feet grew so quickly that they could not keep up. Just when you buy something really expensive is when the karmic gods will hit your child with a growth spurt that makes that item completely obsolete. Sorry but it is just the truth. College Some parents help the children take out student loans to get through college but other parents are going to take on the financial burden themselves and it can vary based on the quality of a school state you live in and the merit of your child. If you get scholarships that cover your state school tuition and your state school is high quality you might be free and clear with the money. If you get what my parents got you are totally screwed. All three of us went to private schools out of state where we were not offered any financial aid. If you get burdensome children like us you might want to get to saving. Three is not cheap. Source : http://help-the-children.over-blog.com/2019/09/why-to- save-for-children-from-day-one.html

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