Tech Startups Focusing On Non-English Speakers

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Contrary to popular belief by Americans and native English speakers, the majority of the planet does not speak the English language.


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Tech Startups Focusing On Non- English Speakers Contrary to popular belief by Americans and native English speakers the majority of the planet does not speak the English language. This might come as a surprise to many of us who feel as if English is the end all be all when it comes to language. There have been several articles that have been posted which state that English is the language of business. If you have ever travelled overseas then you know that the natives will try to accommodate you if you do not speak the language. If you have ever seen a foreigner in America or another native English speaking country then you know they go out of their way to learn the language. English is a widely used language but companies especially tech start ups are starting to see the benefit of moving to non English users. Tech is one of the fields that is growing rapidly and does not seem to be stopping at any time. Just yesterday I saw a video of a new robot that can move like a human if the human had superpowers. It is incredible to see the things that we have accomplished because of technology. Having said that this is also one of the most lucrative businesses that one can get into. Moguls such as Steve Jobs Bill Gates and Mark

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Zuckerberg can attest to how the technology industry can change your life for the better. There are new apps and companies being built each day and most of them seem to focus on English speakers. But now these young tech entrepreneurs are seeing an untapped market which includes non-English speakers. When you look at the numbers there are far more non-native English speakers on this planet than there are native English speakers. When tech companies start to focus on these non-English speakers then they will see that they have far less competition and there is still a ton of money to be made. Seventy-five percent of Earth’s population uses technology in one way or the other and many of them feel as if they are not being catered to. When these new companies come in and fill this void they will see their profit margins start to rise and also that they are helping a population of people who are ultimately being ignored. It is truly a win-win for anyone who wants to jump into the tech startup industry. There are so many companies that can be created for non-English speakers that the possibilities are truly endless. The main goal of technology is to improve the way in which we live our lives as human beings. This should run true across all countries and continents on this planet and not just hold true for those English speaking countries. If you are interested in becoming the owner of a tech start-up do some research and figure out what you can do for those non-English speaking users. You scratch their backs and they will fill your pockets in the long run. Source :

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