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When a student is struggling in math, it can feel really hard for the whole family. It is not just the frustration of the student that drags things down. Source :


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My Math Tutor The Super Hero When a student is struggling in math it can feel really hard for the whole family. It is not just the frustration of the student that drags things down. Oftentimes parents can feel the stress even harder than their kids because they just want to know that everything is going to be okay but things are out of their control. If you are not able to give the help to your kids yourself you feel powerless and that is not a happy feeling. Hiring a tutor is one way that you can alleviate that stress not just for your child but for yourself. You can know that your child’s education is in good hands when you get the right math tutor. As a teenager I was asked to be a math tutor by my school. I was one of the better math students in my high school and needed some extra pocket money so they set me up with a seven year old that was desperately in need of math help. In the county where I grew up there was a huge emphasis on getting ahead in education. They realized that they could get more kids in AP classes if they pushed them ahead early so students in

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2nd grade math were getting pushed up to 3rd grade math classes. This left my little 2nd grader way behind. He was failing every assignment and his parents were desperate enough that they were willing to go to a 16 year old who barely knew what he was talking about. Luckily it worked out for all of us. The boy’s parents were really ashamed when they came to me. Their son was not working on any sort of complex math but they still struggled with it themselves. Part of it was a distance from the material but the other issue was that the way that they learned things was different than their son’s. When they tried to do the problem the son would point out that it was not how he was supposed to do it. Neither side was wrong which was why it was so frustrating. I am not going to say that I am smarter than them but I was much closer to that material so I was able to adapt to the way that he was supposed to do things. Taking the right time I was able to help him in a way his parents could not and they were just happy to have someone help. They did not need to know how to do the math but they were happy to know their son could. When someone is able to come in and save you like that as your personal super hero it is hard to put a price tag on what that is worth. Unfortunately for me the tutor it was not much based on my experience but you can see why an experienced tutor can be worth a hefty paycheck. Tutors can really be just like superheroes for hire. Source : tutor-the-super-hero/127484/

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