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Principles for Counseling

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Principles for Counseling

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• What would you like to talk to me about? (Counsel according to the child’s needs.) • Why did you come to talk to me? OR (Counsel according to the child’s needs.)

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• Why do you need the Lord Jesus as your Savior? • What is sin? • Can you name something that is sin? • What is God’s punishment for sin? • Can you do anything to get rid of your sin? *Show Romans 3:23 if the child seems to lack understanding. What if the child says he has never sinned?

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• Who is the Lord Jesus? • Why did God send His Son into the world? • What did the Lord Jesus do for you? • Why is the Lord Jesus the only one who could take away your sin? • What happened to the Lord Jesus three days after He was buried? *Show a Bible verse about the death of the Lord Jesus—1 Cor. 15:3-4.

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*Explain a condition-promise verse—make it personal to the child (John 1:12) What does God promise you in this verse? He will make you His child...

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• Would you like to receive the Lord Jesus now? • Would you like to pray and tell God…? If the child says “no” ask “why not” If the child says “yes,” encourage him to pray in his own words. Help him formulate a prayer. If he needs further help, guide him step by step using— Admit Believe Call

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• Whose child are you now? OR • What has the Lord Jesus just done for you? And then— • How do you know? *Read the same condition-promise verse to the child, this time inserting the child’s name in the verse.

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• Jesus lives in you to give power to do right. • Confess the moment you sin and thank God for His forgiveness. • CONFESS means to “agree with God that you have sinned.” Teach the child concerning confession of sin using 1 John 1:9 7

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• Pray aloud for him by name • Get his name and address for follow-up (if appropriate)

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How to Counsel a Large Group • Ask thought-provoking questions to different children within the group. • Children pray to receive Christ in unison. • Children pray thank-you prayer silently.

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Discern the Need of Repeaters • Let the child write the date he received Christ on a tract or in the front of his Bible. • Remind him of the promise in Heb. 13:5b— “I will never leave you.” • Let the child thank the Lord for his salvation. Show verse • Go over the message of salvation again. • Take time to carefully explain a verse like John 1:12 or John 3:16.

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• Reassure him of God’s love (Jer. 31:3). • Reassure him of God’s presence (Josh. 1:9). • Pray with him about any specific need (Jer. 33:3). • Explain 1 John 1:9. • Encourage the child to confess his sin and to thank God for His forgiveness. Discern the Need of Repeaters

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