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Frompo is a Next Generation Curated Search Engine. Frompo has a community of users who come together and curate search results to help improve the search experience for everyone. - See more at:


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About Frompo:

About Frompo Every day, with the increase in the number of online resources, a need to browse through them arises. Frompo makes it easier to look them up without wasting much time. With a plenty of search engines and tools already existing in the market to search, discover and share content, the problem is not – having an access to the world of information, but is to have access to the content one wants when one wants it! Operating for about 4 years now, Frompo has established and highlighted its name successfully amongst other search engines. Frompo is a next generation green and clean search engine. “It is a community of users who come together and curate search results to improve the search experience for everyone.” Being a curated search engine, Frompo extensively manually edits search results according to user specifications. The word curate means to organize and oversee; custodian of a collection or a conservator. This holds apt for Frompo considering its mechanism – it aggregates the most relevant searches from Google, Yahoo! and Bing and delivers them in a convenient search package.

About Frompo:

About Frompo Sometimes, when one searches for a topic in the search engine, they get many- a search results which are spam or irrelevant or malicious. Frompo eliminates this issue by giving them the complete power of the search engine. Users can actually tailor their own personal search results. For instance, one could easily search any audio or video, news or blog or website using specific demands or criteria, say, - lyrics, genres, singer, movie, album, cast, dance style or channel, podcasts, time of news, anchors, authors, tweets, following feeds or anything that you could possibly want! Objective of Frompo is to identify and classify the best content for a given topic or category. While most search engines typically get most of their traffic from the top 10-20% of their indexes, Frompo performs very specific and to the point, apt searches based on user needs. About the Green Search Engine – Frompo declared during its launch that it believes in giving back to the mother Earth and sincerely wants to help, save and preserve the environment. Alongside being user-friendly, it is also eco-friendly! The revenue generated by performing searches on Frompo or clicking on search ads will help in helping the environment!


Introduction Searching is to look for something in a list or a group. You do or perform searches when you want to know something, or want to get extra and deep knowledge about that thing. Search can be about anything that you want. When you search something on the internet it is called an internet search . It is very easy and very fruitful. You can get any information that you want through the internet. Various people search various things on the internet and they definitely get expected results from the sites which appears on the page. Hundreds of years ago people used to depend only on the newspapers to get the day to day news of what is happening around them. But today people usually search for the the news on the internet, and get the information not only about their own country or town, but also from the each corner of the world.

Advantages of internet search:

Advantages of internet search Searching is effortless : - Due to the availability of various search engines the internet search has become effortless. The search engines available on the internet provides complete information about the keyword you are searching for. Simply type the keyword in the text box of the engine and explore your knowledge in the way you want. Saves time :- For example if you are a student and your teacher gives you an assignment that write an article on “RAMAYAN” what will you do?. Instead of searching for the book in the library, you simply type the keyword “RAMAYAN” on textbox of any of the search engines on the internet, and you will get the well prepared article on the site. Thus in this way an internet search will save you maximum time. Very cheap : - Searching things on the internet is extremely cheap as compared to your manual searching for something. For example, a guy wants to find the exact address of his friend, and he has only some reference landmark than instead of searching for that landmark by going there or asking for it from another person he can simply search it on the internet, and gets its exact location and can easily reach to his friend’s house. Reliable : - Information that we get from the internet about any keyword you type is always correct and dependable. User friendly :- It is the very significant advantage of internet search . It is very easy to use. It is so easy that a small kid can also use it without any complications. Because today's maximum children know how to operate a computer, and for those who can operate a computer it is very easy to use the search. So in this way it is user friendly.

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