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Introduction of Facebook


Facebook is now playing a key role in running a business. It has really improved the way general public go about promoting there business. To start your business via Facebook you have to find the right target audience &then promote your business to them. Facebook gives you all the tools required to reach these people. Facebook is an online social networking website. It is launched in the year of 2004. It is a social platform through which we can connect with unlimited persons, can start our own business & also connect with different companies as well…

Role of Facebook in Business:

Role of Facebook in Business Here are some key points through which we can promote our own business; Register your free account Set up a fan page for your business Use keywords Create a profile for your business Add people update your page regularly Respond to queries Consider placing an advertisement 


Register your free account To use Facebook, first you have to register as a free member by providing a name and an email address. Set up a fan page   for your business Make a new page & fill all the mandatory information fields & also recognizing yourself by a brand, product or business name. Use Keywords It is the most important step in creating the page. Put proper & relevant keywords so that people can see you page’s link. After this, you will get a great number of traffic through relevant keywords. Create Profile for Business Make a profile of your brand or company Explain people about your company & put authentic contact details in it. People will contact you for the business.


Add People After the completion of your profile & business page, start adding your friends, relatives & people you know. Increase your friend’s circle so that you will market your product easily. Update Your Page & Profile For any online & offline business you have to be an active person Keep involving in the current conditions of your business. Put some exciting offers on your page through which you can divert the attention of the people towards you page. Respond Quickly Customer needs a quick response. You have to facilitate your customers by responding their queries asap.


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