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The Indian Automotive SME market is a challenging industry


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Do you really need APQP     The Indian Automotive SME market is a challenging industry to be in and does it really                                 need to follow APQP . Every year there a host of new technologies and processes that                                 are developed and for adopting them one has to be constantly on their toes. APQP or                                 any quality related process in the industry is primarily customer driven. ISO standards                           are routinely demanded and many Indian SMEs comply my humble experience so far                             has been that compliance is almost never in spirit but mostly just for certification                             purposes. Talk APQP and most Quality engineers will rarely be able to define or design                               an end to end plan.  Alt Text: The Structure of APQP    Source:​ ​     So what exactly is APQP. So if you need a small primer basically APQP is designed to                                   offer the users of respective products with utter satisfaction by creating the perfect plan.                             And now for helping the companies or an individual to become an expert with this                               process there are organizations giving professional training of APQP. To know more                         about such courses you can look at the following or similar links:               ​. Please note I am not selling these courses                   through my blog I am just mentioning them for your convenience.     So in spite of creating a conceptually perfect plan and in this overly dependent era of                                 APQP manufacturers are still facing regular problems. Actually we all know that there                           is a lot of differences in theory and the practical implementation in any subject. In that                                 case APQP is also no exception. Here I attempt to introduce you to some of the                                 common problems related to APQP and how can you overcome those issues.

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Reality Check of APQP Implementation:  Theoretically if we read or talk about this process it basically has no flaws and it works                                   as the perfect communication process between the customer and the business owner. It                           can bring along the product needs of the customers thus manufacturing and delivering                           the products with utmost perfection.     But the reality is something else. APQP in practical is truly difficult to manage and it                                 is also a resource expensive procedure. The first challenge that the manufacturers face                           while its implementation is building a connection between the several links of a supply                             chain. Some parts of this chain may seem to be insignificant to the suppliers but when                                 it comes to a complex automotive system even the smallest of smallest parts has huge                               impact. Thats why the development of a sophisticated amalgamation within the supply                         chain becomes a necessity for every industry to achieve the perfect product goal.  Alt Text: Supply Chain    Source:     The next crucial issue that comes forth during this method is the right communication                             and collaboration between the departments of an industry. While developing a product                         different teams start working on it - starting from engineers manufacturers marketers                         to operators. So to achieve perfection in the product development it is essential to                             build up the right collaboration between these departments until and unless                       communication becomes clean within the industry it always remains tough to achieve                         the goals and to achieve right communication having right tools is paramount.

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That’s why before implementing APQP successfully certain things are needed to be                         taken care of like:  ● Creation of such a culture within which the internal departments of a company                             can effectively communicate to the external suppliers who will help in implementing                         the plan because they know your customers the best.  ● Setting the goals and meet them in time.  ● Making sure that your product has as few problems at all which in result reduce                                 the risk of late product launch or any other issues related to that.  ● Having the right tools to communicate track and follow a plan across                             departments.     But APQP is done in different phases from where innumerable data are collected. And                             at times it becomes a burden to keep track of those records and over reliance on excel                                   sheets is a bane in the industry. Once you lose the track both communication and                               product-development become tougher.     Alt Text: Different Phases of APQP    Source:​ ​     And now I am sure that after becoming aware about the major issue related to APQP                                 you want to know the solutions as well. But what are the main reasons why you would                                   implement APQP I will try to address that next.  For some interesting reads see what challenges Toyota faced.  And here is a live example for you where one of world’s biggest car owners TOYOTA                                 came across problems related to APQP:    mplementation-challenges​.

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Stay tuned with us for more such updates. We will get back to you soon Till then chalk                                     out the problems your industry might be facing while implementing the Advanced                         Product Quality Planning. Well so back to the question I started does the Indian                             Automotive Industry really follow APQP Let me know your thoughts. I will release a                               small survey result from answers I receive.

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