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Label gallery Overview

Label gallery:

Label gallery Design labels with Ease All types of barcode – 1D & 2D Designed uniquely for SATO printers Automatic Data Detection Multi-lingual user interface Ready Graphics & Cliparts available WYSIWYG, Print Preview, Comprehensive Help Strong Database support Design interface screen to your desires

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Simple Usage Label gallery program is very simple to use All important tasks are available from toolbar Q uick and easy create new label add objects to label edit objects check out the page view and start printing Easy Job !

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Use existing database for printing Label gallery supports all types of databases Use of database is very simple with wizards You can also use the GalleryData to create and edit databases Use Available Database

Product Selection:

Product Selection Label gallery has a range of products providing a complete barcode printing solution for desktop and enterprise users FREE version (Label Design & Printing Llimited functions) PLUS version (Label Design & Printing Professional) EASY version (Label Design & Printing Entry Level) TRUEPRO Version (Label Design & Printing Complete) Data Detection & Connectivity Font & Graphics Download Database Management Form Gallery Data Gallery Watch Gallery MemMaster Data-Entry Application Design

FREE version:

FREE version A free software for design and print labels to SATO printers available for download from the website below A limited function software for user to create Fixed data Keyboard inputs Prefix & Suffix data support Graphics support 1D barcodes support Counters (New in 1.6.5) Label Across (New in 1.6.5) Date/Time stamp (New in 1.6.5) FREE OF CHARGE

EASY version:

EASY version Wizard-based software caters to basic barcode labeling needs The entry-level software includes many design elements of professional versions with the emphasis on simplified user interaction. Low cost labeling solution. All the tools support prompted fields, serialized, date/time stamp & all type of barcode types (includes 2D and UCC/EAN 128). Support all ODBC databases with built in Database Wizard.

PLUS version :

PLUS version User friendly & powerful label design & production Offers a wide range of functions that support label design and printing. Flexible functions using VB scripts. Support for RTF (Rich Text Format) Import Segsoft Dynamic, Label Wizard, ECP Login protection RF tag writing Integration with other system using Active X (DDE & OLE). Information system OLE Automation DDE commands

TRUEPRO version:

TRUEPRO version A complete label production solutions A full function package. Label Layout export to SAP R/3 Internet printing (POP 3, TCP /IP) Design GUI Forms Serial (COM) port connectivity [scales, barcode scanners] Full feature database manager Data detection module (network printing, email message, text file etc) Check out each module in the next slide…


GalleryData Powerful database manager allows you to create or edit database tables and import data from text files to database tables . TRUEPRO


Custom Screen Interface for label production All you need to do is start the form One more click on the Print button ... … and the labels are printed. and enter the proper data GalleryForm TRUEPRO


Use your thermal printer optimally Thermal printers are relatively slow when printing graphics You can increase the printing speed by using GalleryMemMaster GalleryMemMaster downloads all graphics and TrueType fonts to printer memory, where can be quickly accessed for use. GalleryMemMaster TRUEPRO


Communicates and synchronizes of label production process with certain trigger events Run label production based on the appearance of trigger file, receipt of an email message, serial port activity or TCP/IP connectivity. GalleryWatch TRUEPRO

Gallery Printer Drivers:

Gallery Printer Drivers Windows™ drivers for SATO thermal printers GalleryDrivers present full-featured Windows drivers developed for SATO printers. GalleryDrivers can be used with any Windows application in Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

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Label Gallery Features Free Easy Plus True Pro GENERAL Up-to-date user interface with capable label design tools and wizards allowing straightforward label design Y Y Y Y Completely wizard driven label design environment Y Y Print Preview Y Y Y All standard graphics files and elements supported Y Y Y Y Multi-lingual user interface * Y Y Y Advanced label design elements (paragraph text, Rich Text formatting, graphical drawing) and Label inspector tool Y Y Printing on all SATO printers with Windows drivers Y Y Y Y Program Launcher Y Y Import label designed with other programs (Segsoft Dynamic, Label Wizard, Aviator) Y Y Login protection Y Y Customizable log file of printed labels Y Y * Limited Languages

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Label Gallery Features Free Easy Plus True Pro DATA HANDLING AND PROCESSING Prompted fields Y Y Y Y Date and time fields and serialization Y Y Y Linked fields Y Y Y String with prefix and suffix support Y Y Y Y String manipulation and arithmetical function Y Y VB script support featuring advanced data processing Y Y

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Label Gallery Features Free Easy Plus True Pro BARCODE AND RF SUPPORT Support all industry standard bar code types Y Y Y Y Support all the latest 2D symbologies Y Y Y Control on all barcode parameters (incl check digit calculation) Y Y Y Y Custom check digit algorithms Y Y Y EAN/UCC-128 and SSCC Wizard Y Y Y Advanced support for standard like FACT, HIBC, Transfer Syntax and barcode compliance proofing Y Y RF tag writing Y Y

PowerPoint Presentation:

Label Gallery Features Free Easy Plus True Pro DATABASE SUPPORT ASCII Text file support Y Y Y Native support for standard database and 32 bit ODBC support Y Y SQL Links for direct access to MS SQL server, Oracle, AS/400 etc Y Y Wide range of record selection possibilities Y Y Y Data Query builder and advanced SQL support Y Y Full-featured database manager Y

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Label Gallery Features Free Easy Plus True Pro INTEGRATION & ERP CONNECTIVITY Internal command language (job files, command line option, DDE) Y Y Active X (Automation) programming interface Y Data-detection module (network printing, non-windows system and other applications like ERP, WMS, inventory, etc) Y Serial (COM) port connectivity (scales, barcode, scanners..) Y Internet printing (POP 3, TCP/IP) Y Label layout export to SAP R/3 Y

Label Gallery Technical Specifications:

External Database Source ASCII text file, Native database support (Access, dBase, Excel, Foxpro, Paradox), 32-bit ODBC support, SQLLinks (Oracle, MS SQL Server,AS/400 and others), DDE, ActiveX(Automation), command line, command file, e-mail message, serial(COM) port, TCP/IP port, unstructured files (report file, printer command files) etc Linear Bar codes EAN13, EAN14,EAN8,UPC-A,UPC-E,Interleaved 2of5,Code39(ful ASCII), Code93, Code128(A,B,C), Postnet(32,37,52,62), Codabar, Bookland, MSI, Pharmacode, SSCC, EAN/UCC 128, ITF14, ITF16, Kix, etc 2-Dimensions Bar codes PDF-417, DataMatrix, Maxicode, Aztec, QR, Codablock, 2-D Pharmacode, MicroPDF, MicroQR. Languages Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Hebrew, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Slovene, Slovak, Spanish, Thai. Label Gallery Technical Specifications

Label Gallery Requirements:

Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000 and XP Pentium-based IBM-compatible PC VGA or higher graphics display At least 32MB RAM Memory 15 - 65 MB of available hard disk space Label Gallery Requirements

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Some information about our company Business activities Leading Supplier of Bar Code Solutions in Entertainment , Construction , Manufacturing, Logistics /Supply Chain Management , Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Office, Government , Retail , ….. Provide bar code printing & scanning to complex customised data collection, RFID solutions and etc Consumables include seals, labels & carbon ribbons Breakthrough products include Hand-Held Labellers & Labelling Robots

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For more information about Label Gallery , demos, updates… contact your software vendor or vi sit the Web page:

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