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With CORKCLUB, our goal is to continue to grow wine cork recycling, repurpose and recycle the corks, and make donations to worthwhile causes. Let's loud voice for our Earth!!


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Cork Recycling with CORKCLUB Wine Cork Recycling to benefit Earths sustainability We donate up to 2 cents toForest and Ocean Conservation for each natural wine cork received. For each synthetic cork received we see it gets recycled. Lets help the Earth CORKCLUB is a sustainability initiative funded by WIDGETCO to help FOREST AND OCEAN CONSERVATION.WIDGETCO is a leader in wine cork recyling since 2007. With CORKCLUB our goal is to continue to grow wine cork recycling repurpose and recycle the corks and make donations to worthwhile causes. For each natural wine cork received we donate up to 2 cents per cork less inbound shipping and carbon offsets. For each synthetic cork received we ensure it gets recycled. Lets work together to help the Earth

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You enjoy the wine and CORKCLUB recycles your corks. For each natural cork received we donate 2 cents each less shipping and carbon offsets. For each synthetic cork we receive we see it gets recycled. Its a simple project with an ambitious goal to help recycled every wine cork while benefiting Forest and Ocean Conservation. We are people like you worried about deforestation and ocean waste and wanting to help. We are a team of corporate citizens from WIDGETCO working for a more sustainable Earth. Wed LOVE you to join us by participating in CORKCLUB.

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Our History CORKCLUB is a wine cork recycling initiative founded by WIDGETCO a privately held company and pioneer in the wine cork recycling movement. Years ago we understood that a lot of used wine corks were thrown away while many were being saved by wine lovers. Recognizing something beautiful in used wine corks we began sourcing and supplying these corks to crafters builders artists and others who created many exciting things. A builder used them to construct a floor in a wine cellar in Beverly Hills must be nice. An italian restaurant owner in New Jersey covered a ceiling in corks. He saved his corks for 10 years and ran out half way through the ceiling installation We were there to help. An artist created an art car covered in corks. Another artist makes beautiful portraits. Crafters create incredible projects like dart boards coasters and even tiny succulent planters. You name it It can probably be done with cork. Helps give more to the Earth We donate 2 cents per natural cork Synthetic corks get Recycled. SHIP TO CORKCLUB 5000 GULF FWY. BLDG. 6 HOUSTON TX 77204 USA

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