Video Surveillance System

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Presentation Description : Video Surveillance System is used for detection and tracking of moving objects, measures an extra measure of security.


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Video Surveillance System:

Video Surveillance System

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Presentation Overview What is video surveillance system B enefits of Video Surveillance System Applications of Video Surveillance System Advantages of Using a Wireless One Contact Us

What is Video Surveillance System:

What is Video Surveillance System Detection and tracking of moving objects An extra measure of security Used in security systems and with good reason Improved the security of people, buildings and valuables

Benefits of Video Surveillance System:

Benefits of Video Surveillance System The price of these cameras is extremely affordable today and it is not difficult for public to afford them. These cameras require little maintenance procedures and once they are mounted properly, they require very low maintenance because most manufacturers provide warranty with these cameras.


Continued…… PoE Camera can be concealed and still gives clear reception of what exactly is going on. Other people might not recognize them or even see where they are mounted. This is the reason why they are used for all kinds of security purposes.

Advantages of Using a Wireless One:

Advantages of Using a Wireless One Security of home and office is extremely important now-a-days. we can agree that wireless surveillance cameras are the best way to secure your home and office area. There are numerous providers available online that can help you buy a quality camera at cost-effective rates.

Applications of Video Surveillance System:

Applications of Video Surveillance System very useful to governments and law enforcement C an also be used inside and outside schools and private residences M onitor threats, and prevent/investigate criminal activity P rovide critical evidence for police. To reduce the traffic congestion on highways In keeping track of your employees performances

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Contact US Ad hoc Security, LLC | Support Page P.O.Box 1382, Abingdon , MD 21009 Phone :(443) CCTVHD2 or (443) 228-8432 Fax: (443) 372-5789 Email : Website : http://

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