Magento 2 Vs Magento 1- All you should know

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Magento 2 is the latest version of the famous and ever popular framework magento which has loads of added functionalities and features compared to its predecessor. Here, we discuss about why one should use Magento2.0?


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Magento is undoubtedly one of the best as well as the most popular open source ecommerce platforms that has several, hundreds of thousands of websites to its name. Yes, it is that reliable and well known that merchants ask for Magento website development on their own. With the huge success of Magento 1 already reaping the benefits and developers trying hard to keep up with the increased demands, speculations about the second version started making the rounds, putting the whole industry into an ultra excited mode.

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The near perfect ecommerce development platform was going to be evolved and improved to a whole new level and make things interesting to a great extent. Finally, the second version, the Magento 2 was released and ever since its introduction into the development world, it has been a popular choice among the new digital web store owners. So there has been no doubt among the people about why use Magento 2 . However, the serious question arrives- what about the users of Magento 1?

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These store owners have already got their website built in the first version of the ecommerce development platform and they are unsure whether they should change the backbone of their business or not. Thus, the debate begins- Magento 2 vs Magento 1. Which one should you go with and why? Of course the updated version is better but here, we discuss about why existing store owners should also give it a thought as it is an inevitable eventuality. To get the best Magento 2 porting or development, contact the leading web development company- DhruvSoft Technology.

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Why is Magento 2 better than its predecessor? Here are a few added features as well as functions that might help you understand it better- 1. A more user friendly approach 2. A better and well organized checkout 3. Added trending tools and technologies 4. Enhancement of the overall performance of the platform 5. Impeccably good features for a better shopping experience added 6. Improvements in the framework’s stability

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Thus, it comes as no surprise that the makers of Magento have left no stone unturned to make sure that the second version does win over the hearts of the developers as well as the users. The user experience as well as the user interface of the upgraded version have been improved to quite an extent. This enables the individuals with very less or no technical knowledge to operate the platform and handle their website without any issues.

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