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In this PPT, we have discussed about the motivational speaker and its tips which will provide the help to you how to make a successful career in money motivational speakers.


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How Do Motivational Speakers Make Money?:

How Do Motivational Speakers Make Money?


Introduction Motivational speakers present at workshops, seminars, conferences, schools and other gatherings. Some speakers become famous and get very rich. Former politicians and sports stars also branch out into motivational speaking because of the lucrative rewards and the opportunity to inspire their listeners.

How Do Motivational Speakers Make Money?:

How Do Motivational Speakers Make Money? Speaker fees Speaker association Speaker revenue Increasing the earning potentials

Speaker Fees :

Speaker Fees A motivational speaker receives revenue via speaker fees. Speaker fees are payments received for speaking engagements. Prior to speaking before a group, a speaker will negotiate the fee with the event sponsor.

Speaker Association :

Speaker Association Speaker associations are consortiums of speakers that market speakers and help with placement. One of the best known speaking organizations is the National Speakers Association (NSA), which currently has approximately 3,400 members.

Speaker Revenue :

Speaker R evenue Some top motivational speakers command fees starting at $5,000 and up for a keynote speaking engagement. The keynote speaker is the event headliner. You typically find keynote speakers at graduations, conferences and political conventions.

Increasing The Earning Potentials :

Increasing The Earning Potentials Becoming a highly sought after, well paid speaker requires a diligent commitment to self-improvement. Beginning speakers practice their craft at small venues first such as at rotary clubs, community centers and small business groups.

Types Of Motivational Speaker:

Types Of Motivational Speaker There are various types of motivational speaker such as: Personal development Business Youth mentor community

Personal Development :

Personal Development The first type of motivational speaker is one who is meant to inspire listeners and help them find guidance and purpose in their lives. These speakers might give talks on a specific topic such as how to balance family and work or spiritual development.


Business Business speakers usually have expertise and experience in the field of business and many of them share their means of attaining success.

Youth Mentor :

Youth Mentor Some motivational speakers specifically address young people at schools, churches, community centers and other venues. These speakers hope to guide the youths toward healthy ambitions and a successful life, and help them to take their place as the generation of the future.

Who I Am..:

Who I Am.. John Calub is the owner of his own training and coaching company who provide the help in various services like: motivational speakers and marketing.

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