Five energy saving tips for the busy office


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Tips on saving energy and money in the office


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Five energy saving tips for the busy office:

Five energy saving tips for the busy office Running a business is hard enough so you want to make sure you're not wasting money. Here are six tips that will help you save money on the Energy you use every day

Tip One - Equipment:

Tip One - Equipment Look for the Energy Star rating on office equipment. This can mean it uses 65% less energy when power management is enabled.

Two – Do you need to print that email?:

Two – Do you need to print that email? Printing takes energy and uses paper . Why not read your emails on a tablet computer ? People like to read emails away from the computer. Tablet PCs are cheap, energy efficient and don't waste paper.

Three – turn it off!:

Three – turn it off! TURN OFF YOUR MONITOR WHEN NOT AT YOUR DESK! Even though monitors these days are very  efficient and don't take much energy, they take even less when switched off !

Four - Recycle:

Four - Recycle Don't throw away your oldcomputer , it it's still in working condition then donate it to a local charity store or school - you'll be helping someone and reducing waste!!! Don’t forget to wipe the hard drive!

Five – Switch off (2):

Five – Switch off (2) Unplug your mobile phone when it's charged! Leaving it switched on simply warms the power supply and wastes energy.

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