How to Keep your Home Secure While on Holiday

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How to Keep your Home Secure While on Holiday In the excitement of heading off on holiday it’s normal to completely overlook the security of your home while you are away. What with having to pack and unpack search for passports and organise travel documents it can often feel like there’s so much to do in so little time. In this article we give you 3 failsafe tips to keep your home and possessions secure while you are away. 1. Check all locks As your holiday approaches it is a good idea to carry out a comprehensive review of all the external locks in your home. If any of your locks are broken or require attention contact a reputable locksmith in Maroubra who will make sure that your locks are repaired or replaced as necessary. And if any of your locks fail outside of the usual working hours an emergency locksmith in Sydney will be able to assist you. Don’t forget to also check your window locks as it is easy to forget about them. By doing all of the above your home will be as secure as possible and it may make a potential burglar think twice before targeting your home. 2. Keep quiet on the web In this age of social media many people tend to spill all details of their personal lives on their accounts including where they are heading off to on holiday and when.

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This provides a burglar with the perfect information on when your home will be vacant and for how long – information which you wouldn’t give to just anybody so why put it on social media Also take care when recording your answering machine message or voicemail message. Don’t let callers know that you are not home. It is sufficient to just say that you can’t take the call right now. 3. Keep some lights on Leaving lights on is an age-old trick that many people do in an effort to make their homes look like they’re not vacant. However good of a tip it is if a burglar has your home under surveillance it will soon become quite apparent that there is no one actually home and all you have succeeded in doing is running up your electricity bill. Instead you should purchase a light switch timer which will turn some lights on and off automatically according to a scheduled programme. If a burglar is watching your home seeing the lights flip on and off will be enough to deter them. These basic preventative measures can ensure that your home is protected and secure while you enjoy your long awaited break away. For more information on emergency locksmith in Sydney locksmith in Maroubra. Please visit: Phone: 02 9389 0100 Email:

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