Asbestos Today, Still Dangerous!

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Asbestos can release fibres into the air when disturbed. It is prevalent during the renovation and demolition of buildings containing asbestos, and when there is any direct action on the asbestos, such as drilling, boring, cutting, filing, brushing, grinding, sanding, breaking, smashing, blowing with compressed air and water blasting. It is not always possible to detect asbestos just by looking at it. The best way to identify asbestos is by having a licensed asbestos removalist inspect it. If unsure whether a material contains asbestos, treat it as though it does.


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I actually think that the asbestos cases news will hard to find nowadays but OMG there is so many asbestos news every week sound bad for us so what we have to do First you have to understand that asbestos is 100 danger the second thing is you have to check your home your office or your buildings and make sure no asbestos material in there.

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If you suspect there is something suspicious in there then call the expert where go to council to find the list of licensed assessor. What is assessor assessor is a person qualified to do an asbestos inspection in a building. Why we need assessor in general doing asbestos cleaning is not recommended because it will hurt you. When asbestos dust inhaled then the micro material from asbestos will harm your body especially your lung.

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Some of you maybe now thinking that this post is like a joke and not so important but I guaranteed the asbestos in your home will find you the old home parts may contain asbestos so be careful about it. The most important action right now is you know the danger of asbestos and you know how to fix it. I just want to warn you that in several countries including in Australia asbestos removal procedures is under government law so don’t ever touch the asbestos because it will make you hurt even can harm people near your home. Find expert then find the solution. In the next post i will post other articles about the asbestos and related to this thing.

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