Journey to Waldram Foehrenwald Camp June 2016

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Blanka Blimeh Blanche Shoshana Hellman Bellen born on 11June 1946 to Holocaust survivors from Poland Max Hellman z l Fancia Silberschein Hellmanz l who were able to rebuild their lives and start a family in DP Camp Fohrenwald 11 1946 " "

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Fancia and Blimeh Hellman Fohrenwald 1946 Max and Blimeh Hellman watching a football game Fohrenwald 1947

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70 / A personal journey after 70 years Fohrenwald/Waldram June 2016

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Fohrenwald Today -sign at entrance to Waldram " "

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Entering Waldram/Fohrenwald /

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Streets of Waldram/ Fohrenwald /

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The renovated houses of Fohrenwald which today are homes to citizens of Waldram

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. The orthodox synagogue Menorah symbol in Fohrenwald The same building in Waldram today

slide 9:

Once the Orthodox section of Fohrenwald

slide 10:

Once a synogogue in Fohrenwald

slide 11:

The Badehaus in Fohrenwald

slide 12:

Entrance to Badehaus and official sign Shoshana Blimeh Hellman Bellen born in Fohrenwald in June 1946 with her husband Anthony Bellen from Israel and Maria Mannes of the Badehaus Committee 1946

slide 13:

The Badehaus today and the apartments around the site

slide 14:

Steps leading to the Mikveh of Fohrenwald located in the basement of the Badehaus

slide 15:

External and internal entrances to the Fohrenwald Mikve

slide 16:

Inside the Badehaus Fohrenwald

slide 17:

: Another view of the Badehaus Fohrenwald

slide 18:

Once the maternity ward of the DP Camp Fohrenwald

slide 19:

2 1946-1949 1957 The entrance to No 2 Floridastrasse Fohrenwald No.2 Gebsattelstrasse Waldram A resident from 1946-49 The present resident from 1957

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-Brochure of Organization -Commemorating 70 yrs of DP Camp Fohrenwald -Photo Exhibit: The Children of Camp Fohrenwald - - 70 - " "

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