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Objectives : 

Objectives To have a background of Community Health Nursing To know the Basic Principles in CHN To define a healthy community To enumerate the Legal Basis of CHN

History of chn : 

History of chn 1901- Act #57 (board of health of the Philippines Act # 309 ( Provincial and Municipal Boards oh health) were created 1905 – Board of Health was abolished; functions were transferred to the Bureau of Health 1912 – Act #2156 or Fajardo Act created the Sanitary Divisions, the foreunners of present MHOs; male nurses performs the function of doctors

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1919- Act # 2808 (Nurse’s Law was created) Carmen del Rosario, 1st. Fil. Nurse Supervisor under Bureau of Health 0ct. 22, 1922- Filipino Nurse’s Organization (PNA) was created 1923 Zamboanga General Hosp. School of Nursing and Baguio Genaral hosp. were estb. 1928- 1ST Nursing convention was done 1940 – Manila Health Dept. was created 1941- Dr. Mariano Icasiano became the 1st CITY HEALTH OFFICER through Vicenta Ponce and Rosario Ordiz ( chief nurses) Dec. 8, 1941- Victims of the WWII were treated by the Nurses in Manila July 1946- Nursing office was created ; DR. EUSEBIO Aguilar helped in the release of 31 fil. Nurses in Bilibid prison during the Japanese invasion

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1948- 1st training center of the Bureau of heatlh was organized by the Pasay City Health Dept. TRINIDAD GOMEZ, MARCELA GABITAN, CONSTANCIA TUAZON, MS. BUGARIN, MS. RAMOS AND MS. NISCE composed the training staff. 1950- RURAL HEALTH DEMONSTRATION and Training Center was created 1953- the 1st 81 RURAL HEALTH UNITS WERE ORGANIZED. 1957- R.A 1891 amended some sections of the RA 1082 and created the 8 CATEGORIES OF RURAL HEALTH UNITS causing an increase in the demand for the community health personnel 1958- 1965- Division of Nursing was abolished (RA 977) AND Reorganization Act (EO 288) 1961- ANNIE SAND organized the NATIONAL LEAGUE OF NURSES of DOH

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1967- Zenaida Nisce became the nursing prog. Supervisor and consultant on the six special diseases ( TB, Leprosey, vascular dse, cancer, filariasis, and mental health illness) 1975- scope of responsibility of nurses and midwives became wider due to restructuring of the HEALTH CARE DEIVERY SYSTEM 1976-1986- the need for Rural Health Practice Program was implemented Sept. 6-12,1978- 1st international conference @Alma Atta USSR was held Oct. 19, 1979- PHC in the Philippines 1990-1992- Local Govt. Code of 1991 (RA 7610) Jan. 1999- NELIA HIZON was positoned as the nursing adviser of the OFFICE OF PUBLIC HELATH SERVICES thru DEPTARMENT ORDER #29

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May 1999- E.O #102, which redirects the func. And operations of DOH, was assigned byformer Pres. Estrada 2005-2006 dev. Of the Rationalization Plan to streamline the bureaucracy further was started and is in the last stages of finalization.

baSIC PRINCIPLES of chn : 

baSIC PRINCIPLES of chn Primary Goal: Self reliance Ultimate Goal: Raise the level of Citizenry Primary Focus: Health Promotion Client in the CHN: Community Basic Unit of care : FAMILY Philosophy of CHN: Worth and Dignity of Man

People behind CHN : 

People behind CHN Dr. C.E Winslow – Birthright of health and Longevity Hanlon- Attainment of Total Development Jacobson- the achievement of CHN Health is the OPTIMUM LEVEL OF FUNCTIONING through Health Teaching Purdom – Survival of Human Species Maglaya- Utilization of the Nursing Process

Meaning of chn : 

Meaning of chn CHN isfield of nursing in which the family and the community are the clients. Although the concern with the Total health- illness spectrum, its primary focus is the pretension of dse. And promotion and maintenance of the highest level of health and well- being.

Community health nurse : 

Community health nurse The CH nurse works collaboratively with the families and groups in identifying their problems and nursing needs, determining the NCP, in mobilizing appropriate community resources, and in evaluating the Nursing services given. She/he may provide the care herself or coordinate the services rendered by other member of the nursing team and health team.


CHN PROCESS 1. Determining and collecting pertinent information. 2. Analyzing the information to determine the health problem and identify the nursing needs. 3. determining the NCP 4. Implementing the NCP 5. Evaluating the NCP

Assumptions in the chn process : 

Assumptions in the chn process 1. the nature of CHN practice is derived from the health problems of families and community 2. the health of the family is reflected in the health of the community 3. the family as a whole is different than the individuals who comprise it. 4. The family has a whole is different than the individuals who comprise it. 5. the CH Nurse works with the family in determining the nursing needs 6. each ind.Has the right for good health

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7. Health care shouldbe continous 8. CH nursing program is based upon the needs of the community. 9. there should be a direct relationship b/t the priority of the services by the CH nurse and the priority of the health problems estb. By the community 10. The people in the community are indispensable in all phases of the community health nursing program. By catherine w. tinkham rn, bs, mph Eleanor f. voorhies B.A, R.N M.n M.a Chn evolution and process

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