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Composition Comments December :

Composition Comments December


organisation Take care of the organisation in paragraphs . T ry to separate different ideas using different paragraphs : E.g . - Introduction - Main topic : What , why , when … - Conclusion


vocabulary ADVICE: The word advice is uncountable . Some advice or a piece of advice E.g . Her advice was valuable Look / look like : ( A ppearance ) You look beautiful / 30. with adjectives or an age He looks like a fly . ( comparison ) She looks like her sister ( resemblance ) with nouns or pronouns Practice : http ://;jsessionid=222EBC5AAFA52748A98D8346E66B968F?cc=global&selLanguage=en

Grammar: Use of like/As :

Grammar : Use of like /As AS As+noun : particular job . He works as a critic As + clause : John was right as he usually is . LIKE Such as/ like : To introduce examples . … actors like / such as Colin Firth and David Tenant Like + noun or pronoun : To say that sth is similar to sth . It was like a bad dream .

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