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Joel Iwataki is a prominent music composer and mixer. He has produced creative music for a number of high grossing movies. He has worked quite hard to become a leading music composer and mixer. He became a commercial fisherman in Alaska owing to his poor circumstances. To know more about him visit his official site


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Joel Iwataki Sound Engineer

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Joel Iwataki is a hardworking individual and he has spent his teenage working as a fisherman and after it, he decided to become a music composer. He used to steer his boat to run a small clam cannery in the Prince William Sound. He returned to California upon realizing his interest in music.

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Later on, Joel Iwataki studied music and became a principal voice recording engineer. He has also practiced composition and orchestration with film composers’ ìAlbert Harris and Richard Markowitz.

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Joel Iwataki returned to California and got admission in the Grove School in Los Angeles. His objective was to learn music and get accustomed to its technicalities.

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If the focus is laid on Joel Iwataki’s 2015 work, it includes Jurassic World, Inside Out which was a winner of Cinema Audio Society Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for 2015, 2015 Tomorrowland and Jupiter Ascending.

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Joel Iwataki is a leading composer in Hollywood and his music records and mixers include The Book of Henry, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, The Light between Oceans, Star Trek Beyond, The Secret Life of Pets, Allegiant, Zootopia , and the list go on.

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THANK YOU Find out more about him at his official site

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