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Joel Iwataki has worked as a voice engineer and later on, he became a music composer and then turned in to a mixer. Find out more about him at his official site


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Joel Iwataki Sound Engineer

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Joel Iwataki was born in 1951 in New York City and he left his school to become a commercial fisherman at the age of 19. While he was finding the direction for his boat, he understood that his interest was in the music industry and became a prominent music composer and mixer by following his passion.

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Joel Iwataki has won 2 Academy Awards for Music scoring mixer for The Red Violin (1998), and Frida (2002).

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Joel Iwataki has worked beautifully as a Voice Recording Engineer. His work includes Visionaries: Knights of the Magic Light (1987), The Transformers Vocal Recording and Processing (1986-87), G.I. Joe The Movie (1987), and G.I. Joe (TV Series) 30 Episodes (1986).

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Joel Iwataki is involved in mixing and composing music. In addition to it, he has worked with prominent composers and mixers which have helped him in understanding the technicalities of music composition.

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Focusing on his work as a Music Producer, Joel Iwataki has worked tremendously on Othello: Suite from the Ballet VarèseSarabande – VSD-5942 and it were recorded in 1988. In addition to it, the other one is Juan Darien: A Carnival Mass Sony Classical – SK 62845, Sony Classical – 01-062845-10 which was recorded back in 1986.

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THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION To know more about him visit his official site

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