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Joel Iwataki is one of the best composers and mixers owing to his education of music. He had previously worked as a voice engineer in the initial stages. He is accustomed to the technicalities of music and its impression on the whole composition. Find out more about him at his official site


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1 Joel Iwataki Sound Engineer

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3 Joel Iwataki is a leading music composer and mixer and he has produced creative music for many high grossing movies. He struggled enough to become a music composer and mixer. At the age of 19 he became a commercial fisherman in Alaska due to his poor circumstances.

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4 Joel Iwataki collaborated with the board of the Pacific Composers Forum in Los Angeles after learning music for more or less three years i.e. from 1987-1990. His work for 2 musicals: “Canton Jazz Club” produced at East West Players in Los Angeles in 1991 and “Beijing Spring” produced at East West Players in 1996 is commendable.

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5 Joel Iwataki is truly a legend of his field and he has composed the aforementioned song in a revival in 2006. Joel Iwataki has vast experience that is full of record-breaking music tracks.

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6 Joel Iwataki composes brilliant music for Disney Educational Films and a PBS documentary while writing big band arrangements for Vegas acts. He has learned a number of things while working with legends of his industry.

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7 Joel Iwataki possesses expertise in terms of music composing Mixing music Voice engineering and Music as a field.

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