Family Day Weekend

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Family Day Weekend <3 : 

Family Day Weekend <3 Are you curious about how I spent my holiday? By: Sally Kan February 19, 20 & 21 2011

February 18 2011, after school : 

February 18 2011, after school Celebration of my Grandma’s Birthday A card I personally drew for my Grandma

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My Grandma Fish Noodles Chicken Lobster

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Pineapple Cookies ^.^ Sesame Something... Peach Buns?  I don’t know what its called (;

February 19 2011, to Detroit : 

February 19 2011, to Detroit As we were driving to Detroit, I saw many different stuff And I got a ton of headaches... =/ Mostly I slept ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... Bridge Ambassador 

On the way... : 

~ My sister did her homework and drew ~ My dad was driving ~ My mom was watching the road and accompanied my dad ~ I was listening to my music, playing on the DS, taking pictures, and SLEEPING [: On the way...

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Introduction of my sister

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When we arrived, we stayed at our aunt’s house

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We had a conversation with our family members We ate a marvellous dinner cooked by uncle Phillip (who is a chef) Uncle Alan Uncle Phillip & Aunt Noel Heart-Shaped Pork Chop :P

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After Dinner, we went to my second uncle/aunts house

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Aunt Noel owns a Beauty salon… She washed and styled my sister’s hair

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February 20 2010, Shopping At Twelve Oaks Uncle Peter

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A dinner with my other Aunt & Uncle My Uncle cooked, he is also a chef…

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A game of wii… Yes, my mom won against my dad…

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February 21 2011, Going back home… But first, we had a family shovel time

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The End….

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Watch this :D

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