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Walang Sugat by Severino Reyes:

Walang Sugat by Severino Reyes -a movie review

What is a Zarzuela?:

What is a Zarzuela?


Definition Zarzuela is Spain and Latin America's version of operetta. It is Spanish musical theater, and it is a lyric-dramatic form of music that switches between the spoken word and song. Zarzuela mixes elements of opera, dance and popular music.

What is Walang Sugat?:

What is Walang Sugat ?


Descroption Walang Sugat (literally “No Wound” or "Without Wound", in the sense of being “Not Wounded ”) is a 1898 Tagalog -language zarzuela – a Spanish lyric-dramatic genre that includes music, singing, and poetry – written by Filipino playwright Severino Reyes. The music for the original version of the play was written by Filipino composer Fulgencio Tolentino . Walang Sugat was written when the zarzuela became a “potent means” of expressing Filipino nationalism after the arrival of the Americans in the Philippines. The Philippines was a territory of the United States from 1898 to 1946. Prior to American rule, the Philippines was a colony of Spain from 1521–1898 .


Description The play is about the injustices received by Filipinos from the Spanish colonial rulers , including the oppression of Filipino prisoners by Spanish friars . Filipinos who expressed their patriotism died because of the cruelty of the Spanish friars . The imprisoned Filipinos ended up in jail because of allegations of being subversives. Apart from the issue of politics, revolution, and nationalism, Walang Sugat is also a lovestory . It features the romance and love affair between Tenyong and Julia. Towards the end of the Philippine Revolution against the Spaniards, Tenyong left Julia to become a revolutionary, as a Katipunan member. During Tenyong’s absence Julia continuously receives pressure from her mother to marry Miguel, a wealthy man. Julia succumbed to her mother’s wishes when she did not hear from Tenyong after sometime, while the revolution continues. The wedding of Julia and Miguel was interrupted by the arrival of Tenyong . Tenyong was dying due to wounds obtained while in battle. Tenyong mentioned his dying wish to Julia . Walang Sugat features an "unexpected twist", presenting how Tenyong – the hero of the play  – is able to outwit the persons who were trying to separate him from his beloved Julia .

The Author:

The Author

Severino Reyes:

Severino Reyes Severino Reyes (12 February 1861 – 1942) was a Filipino writer, playwright, and director of plays. He used the pen name Lola Basyang . He was nicknamed "Don Binoy ". Reyes is known as the "Father of Tagalog Plays" and as the "Father of the Tagalog Zarzuela".

The Play:

The Play -a revival by Tanghalang Ateneo

Walang Sugat by Tanghalang Ateneo 2010:

Walang Sugat by Tanghalang Ateneo 2010

Slide 11:

It is Ateneo's first major Zarzuela and the culmination of the school's three-year Sesquicentennial Celebration. The production is directed by Ricardo Abad, under the musical direction of Josefino Tolledo . Jonjon Villareal handles lights design while Dexter Santos choreographs. Set and costumes will be designed by National Artist Salvador Bernal.

The Plot:

The Plot The first part of the zarzuela introduced the main characters Tenyong and Julia. Tenyong was enjoying sweet time with his sweetheart Julia when news came that his father was arrested by the Spanish officers due to suspicion of  his seditious activities against the government. The cruelty of his captors led to his death forcing the young Tenyong to avenge his father’s death by joining the rebels and taking on what his father had started. But this decision meant leaving his family and his beloved Julia behind. The ever hopeful and faithful Julia can only do nothing but support the decision of Tenyong and prayed to the high heavens that time will come that all these things that disturbed their love will come to pass.

Slide 13:

As if separation was not enough. News came for Julia that she was to be engaged to Miguel in the second act. The rich yet witless son of Don Tadeo , a family friend of Julia’s, won the favor of Julia’s mother Juana. His being dense and “shy” on so many things eased her nerves that he will never be involved in any undoing against the government that will bring peril to their lives unlike the rebellious Tenyong . This unwelcome news came to Tenyong through an emissary sent by Julia along with it is also the news of the passing of Tenyong’s mother. Luckily for both of them, the revolution was coming to an end just in time for Tenyong to rescue his love from being married to somebody else.

Slide 14:

In the final act, Tenyong arrived on the day of Miguel and Julia’s wedding date being carried by his soldiers and appeared to be wounded and was about to die. He had requested for Julia’s hand in marriage and would not mind so much for Julia and Miguel to carry on with their matrimony upon his death. Everybody agreed as an act of goodwill for someone who is close to death thus Tenyong and Julia wed. Tenyong of course did not die. Instead he revealed himself to be in good health for everybody to exclaim “ Walang Sugat !” ending the story on a happy note that all good things will come in the end.

Message of the Story:

Message of the Story The story is all about eternal and pure love exercised by Tenyong and Julia as they fight for their feelings against all their problems like Julia being engaged with Miguel and Tenyong being sent to fight the Spaniards as revenge for his father’s death. It is also about love of country and love of family.

Thank you for Watching!:

Thank you for Watching! This compilation is made by Ms. Jobelle F. Tecson . To be submitted as an assignment to Dr. Corazon Esluzar .

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