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Preparing Students for Their Future…..

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Remember when….? Our Education prepared us for OUR future

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This was the ‘TECHNOLOGY’ we had – mechanical technology….

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Spending time with friends was face-to-face…

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Sunscreen wasn’t seen as necessary!

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We didn’t have major environmental concerns….

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We were allowed out to wander and roam, alone…

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Being sent to our rooms was a bad thing – it was boring, there was nothing much to do there….

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Bugs Bunny was the height of entertainment…

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We were very excited when VHS and Betamax videos meant we could choose when to watch movies and cartoons….

Slide 11: 

Mobile phones were introduced You could only make phone calls, No texting No surfing No apps…

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Remote Control Technology wasn’t wireless yet….

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Music and radio weren’t portable, we couldn’t share easily…

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At School, textbooks were taken as FACT. Information was more static – books were updated yearly at most We were told what facts to believe, and what textbooks to read

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All our work was handwritten We knew that we would be judged on presentation A pen was our most important tool for communication

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We knew that teachers held all the knowledge we needed They decided when/how we would learn Learning was linear – you’ve learnt this, now you have to learn that….

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Research meant using the library: Index cards The Dewey Decimal System Librarians…

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But…..our education worked fine for us, Why shouldn’t it work for our children???

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Because their future is very different ….

Slide 20: 

A whole new world!

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School 2.0 For the first time in history, we’re preparing kids for a future that we cannot clearly describe.

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But what we can do is teach students to: Make the best use of online resources Match the right tool to a task Validate references and sources Manage their digital footprint Interact safely online

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One to One Netbooks for Learning: Join us on the journey to prepare your child for THEIR future…

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