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Ancient Rome:

Ancient Rome Vocabulary for Mrs. Berg’s class

Baths of Caracalla:

Baths of Caracalla noun     public bathrooms in ancient Rome to bathe or use the toilet The baths of Caracalla, one of the most elegant and massive Roman baths ever built. As late as the 5th century aD , over 200 years after it was built, it still was ranked as one of Rome's seven wonders. 1. Entrance 2. Public toilets 3. Palaestra ( fittness center ) 4. Apodyterium (changing room) 5. Tepidarium (removal of dirt and sweat) 6. Caldarium (hottest room of a Roman bath) 7. Frigidarium (dip into a cold water bath) 8. Performance center (for entertainment and relaxation) 9. Exposition of art 10. Food and beverage


Colosseum noun     Amphitheater in Rome built about AD 75 or 80.

Forum Romanum:

Forum Romanum noun     In ancient Rome, it was a place for all people to meet to shop, work, and socialize. Many people made speeches there.


Pantheon noun     (ancient Greece or Rome) a temple to all the gods.


Roman noun     people or things that are from Rome, especially ancient Rome

Rome  :

Rome   noun     Capital and largest city of Italy; on the Tiber River; seat of the Roman Catholic Church; formerly the capital of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire.  


advised adjective     to help someone know what to do


amphitheater noun     An oval large stadium with tiers of seats; an arena in which contests and spectacles are held.  


aqueducts noun     Pipe or channel designed to carry water from one place to another. How Stuff Works Video


arches noun     A form of architecture developed by the Ancient Romans and used in the Colosseum.


architect noun     a person who plans and constructs buildings


assemblies noun     in ancient Rome, an assembly was a group of men who met at least once a year to elect senators and pass laws.


battle noun,verb     One of many fights that make up a war.


concrete noun,verb,adjective     a mix of sand, gravel (small rocks), and water that became very strong when it dried; the ancient Romans invented this


conquer verb     To take control by force.


consuls noun     In ancient Rome, these two men were elected to make government decisions and work with the senate for 1 year. The two consuls had to agree on every decision.


control noun,verb     Power to direct or determine.  


domes noun     A curved roof that looks like a bowl turned upside down; can cover a huge space without any supports.


elected chosen by vote for a job or office.


emperors noun     The male ruler of an empire.  

fight  :

fight   noun,verb     A struggle between people, animals, or groups. Each side in the struggle tries to hurt the other side.


fountains noun     a place made to hold water, where people could go to drink or bathe


gladiator noun     In ancient Rome this was a professional fighter or prisoner who entertained the public by fighting other gladiators or wild animals.

legend  :

legend   noun     A story that, like a myth, has been handed down from earlier times.

legion  :

legion   noun     an army division of 3,000 to 6,000 soldiers in ancient Rome


military noun,adjective     The entire body of people whose job is to protect a country or prepare for war.


patrician n,adjective     1.   A person of refined upbringing and manners. 2.   In ancient Rome, a rich person who owned land and many slaves


plebeian noun,adjective     an ordinary citizen in the ancient Roman Republic

region  :

region   noun     a large area of land


republic noun     a government where citizens elect their leaders

ruled  :

ruled   was in control of a group of people

senators  :

senators   noun     A member of a senate


slaves verb     a person who is owned by another person and must work without pay; a slave is not allowed to vote or make decisions himself


spread noun,verb,adjective     to open out wide or wider.

temples  :

temples   noun     a place to worship a god or gods, like a church


trading noun,verb     Exchange or give (something) in exchange for.  

worship  :

worship   noun,verb     to pray to; show respect and honor

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