The Knight At Dawn Ch 1-3

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The Knight At Dawn :

The Knight At Dawn Vocabulary for Mrs. Berg’s Class


CHAPTERS 1-3 Armor Drawbridge Fanfare Feast Knight Loomed Medallion Moat Mysterious Shivered Shriek Shuddered Tremble Vanished whinny

Armor :

Armor noun,verb     A protective covering made of metal and worn a long time ago to protect knights in combat or battles.

drawbridge :

drawbridge noun     a bridge that could be lifted up or lowered down


fanfare noun     short music played to announce an event or a person

feast :

feast noun,verb     A large meal that celebrates a special day or occasion.

Knight :

Knight noun,verb     During medieval times this was a soldier who wore armor and rode a horse.

loomed :

loomed verb To appear large and threatening.

medallion :

medallion noun     a medal (like a large coin)


moat noun     a small body of water that surrounds a castle


mysterious adjective     Hard to explain or understand.


shivered verb     Shake, as from cold or fear.  


Shriek noun,verb     a loud scream

shuddered :

shuddered verb     Shake, as from cold or fear.  

tremble :

tremble noun,verb     Move or shake quickly up and down or sideways.

vanished :

vanished adjective,verb     disappeared; went suddenly out of sight

whinny :

whinny noun, verb     The sound made by a horse.  

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