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Presentation at Fresno Symposium Sept. 15, 2012


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Technology Resources for Deaf Education Teachers:

Technology Resources for Deaf Education Teachers Jolene Berg PowerPoint available at

A little about me…:

A little about me… Experience Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing for 25 years I’ve taught levels PK – 12+, all subjects I’ve taught in Texas and California I’ve taught with one computer, multiple computers, projector only, Smart Board, digital media, and multiple mice. Positions and Awards President of Kern CUE Innovation in Education Award 2011 Outstanding Special Education Teacher, 2009 Kern County Real Hero: Educator, 2008 Kern County Superintendent of Schools District Teacher of the Year, 2005-2006

PowerPoints for Vocabulary:

PowerPoints for Vocabulary

PowerPoints for Vocabulary:

PowerPoints for Vocabulary Printing the slides for student use. Quiz from slides

PowerPoints for Vocabulary:

PowerPoints for Vocabulary Making flashcards Business Card holder for finished vocabulary

PowerPoints for Vocabulary:

PowerPoints for Vocabulary Highlighting words in text – highlighting tape Highlighting words in an ebook or scanned copy

PowerPoints for Vocabulary:

PowerPoints for Vocabulary Review of vocabulary with an IWB screen Cover the words, definitions, or pictures

PowerPoint with Mouse Mischief:

PowerPoint with Mouse Mischief

Camstasia Studio by Techsmith :

Camstasia Studio by Techsmith

Google Sites:

Google Sites You can develop a FREE teacher website at See my presentation on my website. Input vocabulary words and definitions once and you can print a multitude of enrichment activities. Take a look! Edhelper Vocabulary Games 1. Enter your name and initial of last name. Ex. Lori C 2. Enter Mrs. Berg's email address - 3. Choose the title of the story we are working on. "Revolutionary War on Wednesday Ch 1-3" 4. You will see a spelling test. Go to the bottom and click CHECK MY SPELLING AND SHOW ME GAMES. 5. Click GO TO GAMES NOW. 6. Choose a game to practice the vocabulary. Make games for your students with YOUR vocabulary!



Quiz Me

Quiz Me Pictures Avatar Phrases ESL Scene-By-Scene Pictures represent word lists, with audio or without. Avatars speak word and phrase lists. Jimmy speaks word and phrase lists - with TV pictures! Learn a language the "natural" way, scene-by-scene, with links to pre-made review quizzes. FREE! PERSONALIZED ACCOUNTS FOR TEACHERS AND STUDENTS Great resources and games for ESL Video demos

Collaborize Classroom:

Collaborize Classroom Add video to a class discussion for use of vocabulary Add picture to generate student writing using vocabulary Teacher can create reports of student participation for record keeping

Collaborize Classroom:

Collaborize Classroom My class page examples


Learning Reading -- Leveled Readers

Clip and Create 5:

Clip and Create 5

Google Forms and Flubaroo:

Google Forms and Flubaroo Create a Google form for students to take a quiz, then use Flubaroo to grade it quickly! Comprehension Test for Chapters 7-10

Project Based Learning Ideas:

Project Based Learning Ideas Students create a slideshow or video of words learned Students create a podcast discussing vocabulary learned Students act out the words learned Students design their own PowerPoint or Prezi with vocabulary and concepts learned

Do The Math:

Do The Math Do The Math provides students 4th - 12th grade with assistance on homework and standards based math instruction every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4-5 p.m. Students desiring a little extra help with their math homework can have problems solved over the phone by calling certificated math teachers on the Do the Math help lines, (661) 636-4357 and toll free (866) 636-6284, from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Now available for Deaf and Hard of Hearing via videophone 661-369-8958

iPad Apps for Language Arts:

iPad Apps for Language Arts

Vocabulary Development:

Vocabulary Development FREE Apps Bluster, Fetch It, EF High Flyers, Vocabology , Flashcards, Idioms Illustrated, Sight Words List, My First Words, Daisy the Dinosaur, Spelling Free, Little Speller PAID Apps Speech With Milo, Shake A Phrase, Smartkids Picture Dictionary,



Fetch It!:

Fetch It!

EF High Flyers:

EF High Flyers



Idioms Illustrated:

Idioms Illustrated

Sight Words List:

Sight Words List

My First Words:

My First Words

Little Speller:

Little Speller

Speech With Milo:

Speech With Milo

Grammar Development:

Grammar Development FREE Apps Grammar Dragon, Grammar Jammers- Primary, Grammar Fun, Practice English Grammar, English Irregular Verbs Lite PAID Apps Grammar Jammers Elementary, Grammar Games, Grammar Prep, WH Questions, iQuestion , iPractice Verbs,

Grammar Dragon:

Grammar Dragon

Grammar Jammers:

Grammar Jammers

Grammar Jammers Elementary:

Grammar Jammers Elementary

English Irregular Verbs Lite:

English Irregular Verbs Lite

Grammar Fun:

Grammar Fun

Practice English Grammar 2:

Practice English Grammar 2

Grammar Games:

Grammar Games

Grammar Prep:

Grammar Prep

WH Questions:

WH Questions

iQuestion – Question Builder:

iQuestion – Question Builder

iPractice Verbs:

iPractice Verbs

Writing Development:

Writing Development FREE Apps Story Kit, Story Wheel, Story Lines, Collaborize Classroom, Sentence Magic, Sentence Maker PAID Apps iSentence , iQuestion , iLanguage , Story Builder, Strip Designer, Comic Life,

Story Kit:

Story Kit

Collaborize Classroom:

Collaborize Classroom

Sentence Magic:

Sentence Magic

Sentence Maker:

Sentence Maker

iSentence – Sentence Builder:

iSentence – Sentence Builder

iLanguage – Language Builder:

iLanguage – Language Builder

Story Builder:

Story Builder

Strip Designer:

Strip Designer

Book Creator:

Book Creator

Tools 4 Students:

Tools 4 Students

Reading Development:

Reading Development FREE Apps Avatarbooks , LAZ Readers, K12 Timed Reading Practice, Four Seasons Interactive book PAID Apps Story Chimes, Learning A-Z, LAZ Library J, 5 pumpkins, I Like Books , Danny and the Dragon, Read Me Stories (30), Bunsella

Danny Dragon:

Danny Dragon

5 Pumpkins:

5 Pumpkins

LAZ Readers :

LAZ Readers

K 12 Timed Reading Lite:

K 12 Timed Reading Lite

Four Seasons Interactive Book:

Four Seasons Interactive Book

Story Chimes:

Story Chimes

Learning A-Z:

Learning A-Z

LAZ Library J :

LAZ Library J

Speech With Milo - Sequencing:

Speech With Milo - Sequencing

I Like Books:

I Like Books

Read Me Stories 30:

Read Me Stories 30

Sign Language Dictionaries:

Sign Language Dictionaries

ASL Dictionary from NTID:

ASL Dictionary from NTID

Sign Language Dictionary:

Sign Language Dictionary KEEP Watching Itunes … This app was no longer available on the US iTunes store.

Sign Language!:

Sign Language!

Signing Savvy:

Signing Savvy

App Reviews:

App Reviews Teaching With iPads Here are some great sites for finding apps to use you iPad in the classroom This is the best, frequently updated educational app list I've found. From TCEA (Texas Computer Educators Association) Teach with your iPAD - Teach with your iPAD - A wiki that discusses using your iPad with students - Education apps review iPads in Education -Exploring the use of iPads and eBooks in schools and colleges Ted Lai -Sites by Subject iSanJuan - A district using iPads and iPods in the classroom. Great links to apps and ides. iPads for Learning -Classroom ideas for learning with the iPad Rubric for evaluating an Educational App (Special Ed) By Jeannette Van Houten

For more information…:

For more information… PowerPoint online at Contact me

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