Minecraft - Creating a Backgammon Board


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Minecraft - Creating a Backgammon Board :

Minecraft - Creating a Backgammon Board

How to build a backgammon board in Minecraft: :

How to build a backgammon board in Minecraft: Step 1: Find yourself an area as flat as you can that is at least 40x16 blocks. It doesn't have to be perfectly flat as you can always fill in holes or knock down bumps as you go along. Step 2: Use wooden blocks or any other suitable material to make the 40x16 outside edge of the board, most backgammon boards are made from wood although you can make a cool looking board by using more metallic colours. Step 3: Start making the points from one corner, make sure to alternate between black and white. Two rows of 3 blocks followed by 2 single blocks makes a good triangle, unfortunately minecraft server list triangles always look a bit square unless you attempt to create a much larger backgammon board.

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Step 4: After the 6th point we need to create a bar across the middle which separates the two sides of the board and would contain any hit checkers in a real game of backgammon, you should use the same material for this as you used for the outside of the board to keep things consistent. Step 5: Now is a good time to go over your playing area and make sure the surface is level by filling in holes or knocking down mounds, the choice of material here doesn't matter as it wont be visible once we have created the board. After the board is level go back to creating the points till you have made all 24.

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Step 6: The remaining area in the board should now be filled in with a uniform material, use wooden planks to keep with the wooden theme of the project. Step 7: Choose two cloth colours to use as checkers, there are various standard choices such as blue and red which as common in real backgammon boards, you should avoid using black and white for the checkers as they would blend in too easily with the points on the board. Step 8: Place the checkers how you wish, both teams have 15 checkers each if none have been taken off yet, If you want to depict a game being played you can place checkers on the bar or off the board completely as if the players have began bearing off.

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Step 9: As a finishing touch use two blocks of redstone ore to create dice, it may look weird close up but from a distance they look authentic. Minecraft doesn't yet have a way of generating random numbers so if you were to use this board to play a real game against someone you would need to use real world dice to roll the numbers, but apart from that you could have a multiplayer game using this board by destroying checkers and building new ones where you have moved.

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