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Marcel puts an XPage together which is used for registration of users. He plans to use three different buttons: Newsletter Forum or Cancel. Each button should load a different next page. How can this task be accomplished A. Using the Open Next Page Simple action simply select each button for the next page. B. There is no way to accomplish this task. After pressing any submit an XPages application always returns to the home page. C. To achieve this task you have to write your own Java servlet and install it to all the servers and clients so that your application can run. Then you can trigger your servlet to produce the page for each button. D. For each button define server-side JavaScript that returns the name of the page to be loaded. Define a navigation rule in the XPages properties for each value. Answer: D Question No 1:- https://www.exams4sure.net/ibm/C2040-986-exam-questions-dumps.html

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Marta must implement a new application for a library. People have asked to use the application from both the Lotus Notes client and a web browser. Asking developers to best implement these requirements she got different design answers. Each of the following statements is true about XPages except which one A. XPages can be to implement both user interfaces at once. B. Custom controls cannot be used for web and Lotus Notes at the same time. C. When implementing the application with XPages they are built without using framesets. D. With forms people are often using different forms for web and Lotus Notes. Answer: B Question No 2:- https://www.exams4sure.net/ibm/C2040-986-exam-questions-dumps.html

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Chuck has developed a new XPage application which is publishing the lunch list of the internal restaurant for each day of the week. When Chuck was testing his application on his local computer everything was working well but after deploying the application to the intranet server people are not able to use the application. What could be the reason for this problem A. XPages applications developed locally cannot be deployed on a server. B. Before task on the Server-Tasks tab of the Server document and by activating the XSP protocol on the Internet-Protocol Tab. C. Chuck has forgotten to put his name into the relevant security fields in the Server document or to sign the application with an authorized development ID. D. Before Chuck can deploy an XPage application on a server he must recompile it in designer using Tools Recompile XPages. Answer: C Question No 3:- https://www.exams4sure.net/ibm/C2040-986-exam-questions-dumps.html

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With her Lotus Notes applications Marianne has extensively used the QueryOpen event of the Notes Form to change the representation of some data. Is there a way to do the same with XPages A. Unfortunately there is no way to influence any data when XPages are loaded. You have to change them after loading and before the user gets control. B. Yes on the Events tab of any XPage you can find the BeforePageLoad event where you can do similar things. C. Unfortunately there is no comparable functionality in XPages to do similar things. D. Yes on the Basic tab of any XPage you can find the QueryOpen property which can be used. Answer: B Question No 4:- https://www.exams4sure.net/ibm/C2040-986-exam-questions-dumps.html

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Question No 5:- https://www.exams4sure.net/ibm/C2040-986-exam-questions-dumps.html Sarah needs to hide an input control that holds temporary data and access its value with client side JavaScript. How can she accomplish that task A. She deactivates the visible property of the control then the control itself is not visible but she can access it with JavaScript. B. She sets the loaded property of the input control to false then the control itself is not visible but she can access it with JavaScript. C. She goes into the source code and precedes the code for the input control with “//”. D. She has to surround the input control with a div section and set the display attribute to none. Answer: D

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