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Bitscape is one of the award winning Microsoft Cloud Experts in India. At Bitscape, we are specializing in SharePoint Development, SharePoint Deployment, and Custom SharePoint Development. Bitscape also provides SharePoint consulting service across USA and India.


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Seven Pillars of SharePoint SharePoint is currently one of the most widely used office web applications in the world today. In order to make the most of the SharePoint Online program a company needs to be aware of the seven pillars of SharePoint that can make it easier to get the most out of this program. Here are the seven pillars of SharePoint as discussed by a professional SharePoint consultant. Corporate strategy When it comes to using SharePoint for the company’s needs it is necessary to ascertain at the beginning the functions that will be managed by this program. This should be prepared as a document which should be agreed by everyone in the team. The document should be kept handy for future reference. It is going to serve as a guiding factor for the working team thus determining the tasks that should be handled by SharePoint and the type of information that should be shared through it. Back office administration Using SharePoint can greatly enhance the efficiency of back office processes. In order to get the most out of SharePoint it is necessary to choose the perfect hardware and also hire the professional help of a SharePoint Expert that can ensure the best technical implementation. The SharePoint program should also be configured properly so that it can take care of the backup and restoring functions.

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Change management Every company needs to make changes and alterations in its operations from time to time in order to aid in progress and growth. These changes should also be reflected in the SharePoint program. These changes form an essential part of the corporate strategy. The working team should carry out the change requests properly and make sure that they are perfectly communicated to all the various teams working under the company. Clear ownership The SharePoint program should be owned by a person within the organization and ideally it should be the SharePoint team under the business enterprise. Most SharePoint Consulting Companies also recommend having a clear owner for all the documents and information shared within the program. These include the various documents the content as well as the different sites and sub-sites associated with the company. Training Training is one of the most critical aspects of using SharePoint because unless proper training is delivered the employees won’t be able to use this program for their office tasks. In any case the company won’t be able to deploy the program properly and be benefitted by it. A detailed analysis of training requirements should be carried out from the beginning to make sure that proper strategies are placed for training. Technical development process Once the company starts to use the SharePoint program it will become necessary to add in more functions and customize its features. It is necessary to have in place methods that can be repeated as per need. The company will also need to add widgets and other upgrades to SharePoint to enhance its usefulness. Maintenance tasks Maintenance for SharePoint can be either ongoing maintenance tasks and change requests. The ongoing maintenance tasks are handled periodically such as monthly weekly or daily basis. It is necessary to carry out these maintenance tasks to ensure smooth functioning of SharePoint.

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