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Primate Evolution


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Primate evolution:

Primate evolution

Today’s Objectives: SOL BIO.8a-d:

Today’s Objectives: SOL BIO.8a-d TSW investigate and understand how primates have changed through time, including: Examining fossil records Recognizing how adaptations lead to natural selection

Primates are mammals that have::

Primates are mammals that have: Opposable thumbs Large brain Good, stereoscopic vision Ability to brachiate Flexible elbows for hand rotation Grasping feet

Early Primates:

Early Primates Appeared 60-65 million years ago Prosimian Small bodies Lemurs, Tarsiers Anthropoids Human-like primates Evolved in Africa

Hominid Evolution:

Hominid Evolution Hominids developed 5-8 million yrs ago Hominids are bipedal First hominids were in genus Australopithecus “Lucy” most famous fossil hominid More modern hominids were in genus Homo

More recent humans:

More recent humans Homo sapiens (developed 400,000 years ago) Neanderthals Europe arrival (100,000 years ago) Cro-Magnon Europe arrival (40,000 years ago) Americas arrival (12,000 years ago)

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