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List Box:

List Box controls present a set of choices that are displayed vertically in a column.

Properties and Methods:

Properties and Methods

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Addin g/Removing Item in the List

Adding an Item:

Adding an Item Design Time : To add items to a list at design time, click on List property in the property box and then add the items. Press CTRL+ENTER after adding each item as shown below.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Run Time : The AddItem method is used to add items to a list at run time. The AddItem method uses the following syntax: Object.AddItemitem , Index

Removing an Item:

Removing an Item The RemoveItem method is used to remove an item from a list. The syntax for this is given below. Object.RemoveItem index

Clearing the Listbox:

Clearing the Listbox ListBox1.Items.Clear()

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