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Lets Write iPad © James R. Nuttall, Ph.D.

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Writing Is Essential Support for finding the right word Dictation a way to write Handwriting to digital Taking Notes

Speech-to-Text : 

Speech-to-Text Nuance Dragon iPad 3,4 Generation

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iReadWrite Word Prediction

Slide 7: 

iReadWrite Predict Next Word

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iReadWrite Read Your Writing

AppWriter : 

AppWriter Word Prediction Press arrow for TTS

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Predict Next Word AppWriter

Slide 11: 

Export Your Writing AppWriter

Slide 12: 

Read Your Writing AppWriter

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TYP-O HD Word Prediction

Slide 14: 

Predict Next Word TYP-O HD

Slide 15: 

Speech Recognition TYP-O HD

Slide 16: 

Settings TYP-O HD

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Export Your Writing TYP-O HD

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Read Your Writing Sentence at a time Wifi for high quality voice TYP-O HD

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Apple Pages $10 Full Featured Word Processor Text Ruler Font Style

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Apple Pages Set text attributes

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Apple Pages Tables and Charts

Slide 22: 

Apple Pages Pictures and Shapes

Slide 23: 

Apple Pages Text-to-Speech Select and Speak

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Apple Pages Import/Export e-mail attachments WebDav Import/Export Google Docs http://dav-pocket.appspot.com/docs/

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Class Journaling Note Cards Two or three sentences

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Android Jellybean 2.2 Off line dictation Word prediction next word prediction

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Write ABC Cursive Writing I Can Write Sentence Builder Story Builder Toontastic Idea Sketch MyScript Memo / Notes

Note Taking : 

Note Taking PhatPad Notes Plus

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Handwriting Recognition WritePad

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Slide 31: 

End up with Typed Notes WritePad

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Export Your notes WritePad

Slide 33: 

Record the Lecture Notability

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Slide 35: 

Select Tools and Styles Notability

Slide 36: 

Select Paper Style Notability

Slide 37: 

Draw Figures Notability

Slide 38: 

Freehand Drawing Notability

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Export Your Notes Notability

Organizing : 


Calendar : 

Calendar Month View

Calendar : 

Calendar Double Tap to Select Day

Calendar : 

Calendar Add Event

Calendar : 

Calendar Review Events

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Sticky Notes List of Your Assignments Sticky Notes

Slide 46: 

List of Subjects Sticky Notes Sticky Notes

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Lock Screen Sticky Notes

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iPad Great way to support, Reading Writing Note taking Organizing

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