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This was done for my assignment on Website Evaluation for Ed Tech Apps at Pittsburg State University.


By: jmyearout (134 month(s) ago)

I have now made downloading available as well so it doesn't have to be run in a browser, and have modified the licensing to a Creative Commons-BY-NC-SA, so anyone new wanting to borrow this doesn't need expressed permission to use it. Just give me credit! Thanks all! Jeff

By: jmyearout (134 month(s) ago)

Absolutely! I am honored that this work has now found at least three new homes outside my own! Thanks. Jeff

By: jmyearout (134 month(s) ago)

kimelder, you are most welcome to use the preso in whatever way you would like, and I thank you for the citation! My full name is Jeffrey M. Yearout, and this was done as part of my master's degree program in Educational Technology at Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kansas. Just out of curiosity, where will this be used? redvw19, my apologies, as I did not realize there was a 6 month old comment from you on this upload. If you would still like an emailed copy of this preso, please let me know.

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Website Evaluation for students(and teachers too!) : 

Website Evaluation for students(and teachers too!) Teacher In-Service Breakout Session 2008-09

Surface AppearancesCan Be Deceiving… : 

Surface AppearancesCan Be Deceiving… these airplanes are actually over 200 yards apart – the size of the 747 and camera angle make things appear differently

The Same Goes For Websites : 

The Same Goes For Websites On the surface, this site looks normal, but a deeper look reveals it is a Holocaust denial propaganda website

.this and .thatWhat does it all really mean? : 

.this and .thatWhat does it all really mean? .com, .org, and .net are pretty familiar They can be registered by ANYONE .gov and .edu are restricted Government agencies use .gov Higher education institutions use .edu Many new ones out there now, such as .us, .cc, .info, and many, many more They can be registered by ANYONE

A Brief Website Evaluation Checklist : 

A Brief Website Evaluation Checklist Is the source an authority? Is the source accurate? Is the source objective? Is the source current? Is the source thorough in coverage? For the full version of this checklist, called The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly or Why It’s A Good Idea To Evaluate Websites, visit

QUICK – Check The Site! : 

QUICK – Check The Site!

Are These Sites Good Or Not? : 

Are These Sites Good Or Not? Clearly a work of just one person No citations, just a rambling set of opinions with some relatively unconnected statistics Banner ad indicates this person is likely a smoker – shows bias PROBABLY INAPPROPRIATE The numerical URL should raise concern Numerous misspellings and unusual items in the text Citations might cause one to think it is real, as we tend to lend authority to studies and citations because it seems to be “research” Special note near the bottom tells you the site is bogus DEFINITELY INAPPROPRIATE

Are These Sites Good Or Not? : 

Are These Sites Good Or Not? The .gov and the fact it is from the CDC lends authority Has references from known organizations The information is rather dated PROBABLY APPROPRIATE, BUT RESEARCH IS A BIT OLD The page is sponsored by two UN agencies, but doesn’t appear to be an official UN website It is a portal, a common type of “mashup” website you find nowadays – think of it like an automated newspaper on a subject The disclaimer at the bottom states that any opinions are those of the authors and not either of the UN agencies PROBABLY APPROPRIATE, BUT RESERVE SEPARATE JUDGMENT ON EACH INDIVIDUAL ARTICLE

Review Of WSU TIPS Page : 

Review Of WSU TIPS Page I reviewed the Wichita State Technology Integration Projects for Students page, at In a search for “technology integration tips” it came up as one of the top twenty results, but with the name of the page, it isn’t surprising Seems good on the surface, with authors from the Wichita Public Schools and Wichita State University Contains some good information about an instructional framework called the “TRACER” model References the use of the 2000 era ISTE standards Has a few dead links The last update was over six years ago HAS SOME GOOD INFORMATION, BUT THE LACK OF RECENT UPDATES COULD LIMIT ITS RELEVANCY

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