the maze ranch


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Slide 1: 

Maze Ranch Est. 1980

Slide 2: 

Allan & Patty Maze Medicine Lodge, KS

Slide 3: 

Cow/Calf Pairs Stockers Quarter Horses Livestock

Slide 24: 

Wheat Alfalfa Sorghum Prairie Hay Agriculture

Slide 50: 

Range Land Improvement Brush Removal Rotational Grazing Developing Water Sources

Slide 51: 

Cut Cedars at the Brook Ranch

Slide 52: 

Cleared Uncleared

Slide 54: 

Pond at Brook Ranch

Slide 55: 

Solar Pump at Brook Pond

Slide 56: 

The New Tanks Arrive

Slide 57: 

Fresh Water in Every Grazing Cell

Slide 59: 

Native Pasture MUCH Improved

Slide 60: 

Grazing Cage

Slide 61: 

The Next Tree Clearing Project

Slide 62: 

Pasture Clearing on the Hospital Ranch

Slide 63: 

Cut Cedars

Slide 65: 

Cleared Pasture

Slide 67: 

Improved Native Pasture

Slide 68: 

Life at Maze Ranch

Slide 75: 

Big Guns

Slide 76: 

Little Guns

Slide 89: 

You have to have orange boots to work for this outfit!

Slide 92: 

Stuart & Roany

Slide 93: 

Savannah & April

Slide 95: 

Sleddin’ Ranch Style!

Slide 109: 

Poncho’s First Day at the Ranch

Slide 110: 

Stuart & Poncho

Slide 111: 

Savannah & Poncho

Slide 115: 

The Maze Family

Slide 119: 

Gimmie Jo & Troy

Slide 121: 


Slide 122: 


Slide 124: 

Stuart & Savannah

Slide 125: 

Clayton & Ally

Slide 127: 

Bobbie Rae

Slide 128: 

Bobbie Rae & Jeff

Slide 132: 

Thank You! Allan & Patty Maze

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