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social welfare:

social welfare By: Jessica Ross Brittani Jones Rebecca Curl Brigid Reynolds

What is social welfare?:

What is social welfare? Established by President Franklin Deleno Roosevelt in 1935. Organized public or private social services for the assistance of disadvantaged groups. Programs include: -Disability -Unemployment -Social Security -Worker’s Compensation -Welfare (food stamps, Subsidized housing, Temporary assistance, etc.)

Unemployment :

Unemployment Unemployment Insurance is a beneficial program to people who become unemployed through no fault of their own. Unemployment insurance is a federal state program jointly financed through federal and state employer payroll taxes. Provides temporary and partial wage replacement to involuntarily unemployed workers who were recently employed.

Unemployment :

Unemployment Must be both able to work and available for work. The average weekly payment is 36 percent of the individual's average weekly wage. The longest you can receive unemployment benefits is 26 weeks. The way you know you are qualified are as follows: Have been working for at least 1 year Time worked during an established period of time Fired (Depending on the circumstances)

Unemployment :

Unemployment Depending on the state law these are some circumstances that you can get disqualified from receiving unemployment: Quit without good cause Fired for Misconduct Resigned because of illness Left to get married Self employed Involved in labor dispute Attending school

Temporary Assistance for Needy families (TANF):

Temporary Assistance for Needy families (TANF) TANF was created to help families in need. Helps families become more self sufficient. Features include: Assisting needy families so that children can be raised in their homes Prevention measures for out of wedlock pregnancy Assisting with job preparation.


TANF Maximum of 60 months within one’s life time. Eligibility: Must be a U.S. citizen and children must be U.S. citizens. Children must be 18 or younger. Families must have a child under 18 living at home. Food Stamps: For low income families.

Disability Insurance:

Disability Insurance Provides Partial wage replacement to eligible workers who are unable to work because of disability. Disability is defined as any mental or physical illness or injury which prevents you from performing your regular customary schedule.

Social Security:

Social Security Foundation of economic security for millions of Americans, retirees, disabled persons and families of retired, disabled, deceased workers. Social Security is the largest pay-as-you-go program. Social Security is the cornerstone of retirement security for American Workers and their families

Social security:

Social security The Social Security full-benefit retirement age is increasing gradually because of legislation passed by Congress in 1983. Traditionally, the full benefit age was 65, and early retirement benefits were first available at age 62. In 2010, the full benefit age is 66 for people born in 1943-1954, and it will gradually rise to 67 for those born in 1960 or later.

  Average social Security Benefit in January, 2010 :

Average social Security Benefit in January, 2010 $1,166 a month for retired workers. $1,125 a month for widows or widowers. $1,064 a month disabled workers. $1,797 a month for disabled workers, with spouse and one a more young children. $2,376 a month for widowed mother and two children.

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