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Top 10 Tools for English Language Learners : 

Top 10 Tools for English Language Learners By Vanessa and Eric

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ELLs can paste any text into vozME. Sound file is created and repeated to ELL. Good for listening and speaking skills. #10

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Offers flashcards and interactive activities Includes a joke page Best for reading, listening, and pronunciation skills #9 : Selected text links to various sources Easy to select and translate unknown words Best for reading and comprehension #8 : Provides contemporary video for study Users watch video and then respond to questions Best for listening and comprehension #7

Slide 6: Easy to find unknown words Can be used in conjunction with other sites Best for reading and comprehension #6                     #5 :                     #5 Online community to connect with language learners Can connect with people spanning over 12 languages Language courses are available Able to connect to language instructors

CMAP Tools      #4 : 

CMAP Tools      #4 Website used to create visual organizers Useful for students to organize concepts Can be used as a note taking assignment Useful to assess student understanding

Webquests                                   #3 : 

Webquests                                   #3 Inquiry based learning Allows El students to participate in classwork Students can be required to search any site or specific sites Worksheet used to collect responses                                  #2 :                                  #2 General resource website for teachers Includes games, quizzes, writing techniques, and more  A great website to generate exercises for EL students

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening   Lab #1 : 

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening   Lab #1 Online resources for developing language Site includes quizzes, life tips, conversations, and 20 min vocab lessons Quizzes are divided into groups based on: difficulty basic skills vs. academic skills

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