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Top 10 Mistakes New Teachers Make By Kaitlin Pearce & Daniel Baker

Mistake #1Trying to Be Your Student's Best Friend. : 

Mistake #1Trying to Be Your Student's Best Friend. Student's already have  friends The teacher should be a role model

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Mistake #2 Talking Over the Classroom Don't let students ignore you  Wait quietly for them to pay attention

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Mistake #3 Focusing too Much on Content Nobody will learn if the students are unfocused.  Worry about the students understanding the lesson.

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Mistake #4 Inconsistent Discipline Policies Know what behaviors result in what disciplines Students are very perceptive of 'fairness'.

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Mistake #5 Hiding Your Mistakes We are all human Mistakes are a normal part of life

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Mistake #6 New Teachers Talk Too Much Students learn by sharing their own  ideas Silence can be a good thing

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Mistake #7     Becoming Overworked Doing too much can lead to burn-out Set aside time for personal activities  You need time to re-energize

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Mistake #8 Lack of an Organizational System Lack of organization can lead to chaos It wastes valuable class time

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Mistake #9 Minimizing Parental Involvement Parents can help out in the classroom  Parents can keep students on track at home

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Mistake #10 Fear of the Principal Your new boss is not your old boss Principals are there to support their teachers

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