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Educators at all levels are exploring the use of iPods in education. This video will give the viewer a taste of the many educational uses for an iPod Classic.


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Presentation Transcript

iPods @ School:

iPods @ School Nope. …are you kidding?

Uh…okay, what can you do?:

Uh…okay, what can you do? Let me show you.


Audio Podcasting Make your own radio show Learn a new language Audiobooks Listen while you read Read your own books Music Music lessons and examples Record a band/orchestra performance This is just the beginning. (Salt Lake County Library Services, 2008) (Apple Inc., 2008) (Microsoft Corporation, 2008)


Video Podcasting Create your own television show Animate your story with your pictures Demonstration Create a how-to video Convert existing online videos to share Watch & Learn Create a virtual tour of a historical site iTunes University™ clips and lessons ( Loirston , 2007) TeacherTube ® authorStream YouTube ™ ( TeacherTube LLC, 2008) ( Sikhya Solutions LLC, 2008) (YouTube LLC, 2008) (Microsoft Corporation, 2008)


Pictures 3 x 5 = ? Flash Cards Make your own to study any topic Download premade collections Digital Storytelling Read a wordless book Create a comic strip or graphic novel Presentations Convert a Power Point to picture slides Share charts, diagrams, or visuals 15 (Microsoft Corporation, 2008) (Microsoft Corporation, 2008)


Text Print Your story, directions, or notes Read famous documents and public domain works Reference Keep a pocket dictionary or thesaurus Download a mobile version of Wikipedia RSS Feeds Synch classroom blogs, wikis, and news Synch videos from TiVo®, Windows Media Center®, or SageTV ® Words Words still Words still count (Microsoft Corporation, 2008)


Games iQuiz Create your own quizzes Test yourself, or your friends Brain Challenge Similar to Brain Age for the Nintendo DS “A simple, entertaining and adaptive game for brain activity maintenance.” Brain Quest Digital version of the popular Q&A cards Packets for grades 1 - 7 ( Aspry Studios, 2007) ( Gameloft , 2008) (Workman Publishing Co. Inc. & Groupe Play Bac S.a , 2008)

Interactive Link text to audio, video, or pictures:

Interactive Link text to audio, video, or pictures Great idea Tony! Living Text Read, listen, and watch a word Write a Choose Your Own Adventure Enhanced Lessons Supplement with notes, study guides, visuals, and audio Explore the Nike®+iPod® physical education connection ( Chooseco LLC, 2008) (Nike Inc., 2008) (Apple Inc., 2008) (Microsoft Corporation, 2008) (Microsoft Corporation, 2008) (Microsoft Corporation, 2008) hidden

Is that all you can do?:

Is that all you can do? No.

What else can you think of?:

What else can you think of? Hmmm …

How about…:

How about… Videotape benchmark lessons Record a museum audio tour Carry an ebook to read Quiz yourself Create interactive lessons using links Staff development Blood Borne Pathogens Right Triangle All sides same __ Right __ Isosceles __ Equilateral Chapter 1 Once upon a time… hidden (Microsoft Corporation, 2008) (Microsoft Corporation, 2008)

What about an IEP?:

What about an IEP? An Individualized Education Program ? hidden

Could an iPod be…:

Could an iPod be… …an IEP in your pocket? hidden

Would it help…:

Would it help… …to have a test read to you? I can OR when you’re ready hidden

Would you rather have your…:

Would you rather have your… Math Charts Directions Taped Tests Lesson Notes Audio Books Calendar Flash Cards Dictionary OR Taped? Uploaded? Fixed? Mobile? Scattered? Collected? hidden (Microsoft Corporation, 2008)

Would it be easier to…:

Would it be easier to… Learn

Would it be easier to…:

Would it be easier to… Use

Would it be easier to…:

Would it be easier to… Purchase

Would it be easier to…:

Would it be easier to… Store

Would it be easier to…:

Would it be easier to… Charge

Would it be easier to…:

Would it be easier to… Move


These (Microsoft Corporation, 2008)

Or This?:

Or This?

Do you like this song?:

Do you like this song? We do too! It’s by John Holowach, you know. Yes. hidden

Why do you ask?:

Why do you ask? Unfortunately it is larger then the 10% or 30 seconds allowed by Fair Use guidelines. hidden (Microsoft Corporation, 2008)

Are you breaking copyright?:

Are you breaking copyright? No. We really wanted to use this song so Mr. Mika wrote the artist and asked permission. hidden (Microsoft Corporation, 2008)

He gave permission?:

He gave permission? Yep, pretty nice of him. We are only allowed to use this sweet song for this educational video. Thank You! hidden

Want to get started?:

Want to get started? YES!

Check out these sites::

Check out these sites: Tony Vincent’s Learning in Hand www.learninginhand.com/ipod Apple Learning Interchange http://edcommunity.apple.com/ali/ iPodject Blog http://ipodject.edublogs.org iPodject Wiki http://ipodject.pbwiki.com/ Nice.


An educational video by Josh Mika Purpose: To give back to those who supported me and inspire others on the educational uses of the iPod® Classic. Disclaimer: This video is not associated with Apple Inc., Nike Inc., Microsoft Corporation, or NCUSD 203 iPodject

Music John Holowach www.narphonax.com:

Music John Holowach www.narphonax.com My Piano Sings 2 Available from: www.archive.org/details/Piano_Works

Thank You:

Thank You Mrs. Kienstra & her 2006-2007 4 th Grade P.I. Class The Naperville Education Foundation For believing in this idea and planting the seed The Beebe Community For your love, support, and donation of twenty additional iPods Tony Vincent For being approachable, emailing suggestions, and your free resources ISTE’s Special Interest Group: Handheld Computing For your support as I continue to investigate bridging the gap Alan November We’ve never met, but your podcasts and other movies truly inspire

Notes (Copyright, Trademarks, & Registered Trademarks):

Notes (Copyright, Trademarks, & Registered Trademarks) The iPod®, iTunes®, and Mac® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and have no connection with iPodject or this video. The Podcast Logo™ is a trademark of Apple Inc. and has no connection with iPodject or this video. All clip art used for this presentation is available from Microsoft Corporation unless otherwise cited. Nike® is a registered trademark of Nike Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and has no connection with iPodject or this video. The RSS Feed icon was created by the Mozilla Foundation (2006) and is considered open source. Remaining graphics were created for this presentation.

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