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NC AP Partnership:

NC AP Partnership Ensuring College and Career Success for North Carolina’s Students Last Minute Tips on Preparing for the AP Exam

Mapping the Route to Your Destination… :

Mapping the Route to Your Destination… Today… Preparing for the AP Exam AP Success


The top bar graph and chart show how this group of students performed overall versus the global population. The bottom two bar graphs and charts show student performance on multiple-choice and free-response sections.


Page 2: Provides a detailed view of students’ performance on specific content categories on multiple-choice & free-response sections

Using AP Instructional Planning Reports:

You really want to look for statistically significant differences in your data. Remember, your class size will affect the % differences. How many students were below proficiency, at proficiency, and above proficiency? Using AP Instructional Planning Reports How does this data compare to global data and to your prior year’s data?

Motivation for the “Big Game” :

Be creative and get your students involved Motivation for the “Big Game” “We treat our AP students to a scrumptious breakfast prior to each test. The food is provided by the parents of our AP students. Breakfast casserole anyone?”

Look for Stay Calm and AP On:

AP Calculus students designed their class t-shirt: “Math Encompasses Life” Look for Stay Calm and AP On Orange County Public Schools 7

AP Micro Economics Shirt:

AP Micro Economics Shirt


Recognize Students/Promote AP Program Publicly!

More ideas…:

More ideas… 10 Give students practice exams/ sample questions as daily warm-ups or exit tickets Students create student-led study groups/ study guides/ review challenges

Beyond the Exam Become an AP Reader:

Beyond the Exam Become an AP Reader http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/public/homepage/4137.html 5


Valuable Resource for Improving AP Scores Subject specific online communities with discussion groups and a library of classroom-ready resources, cross-referenced to the curriculum framework for the course. https://apcommunity.collegeboard.org/

Closing :

Closing The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Contact Information::

Contact Information: Kathleen Koch Director, NC AP Partnership 704.534.6455 (phone) 850.521.4921 (fax) kkoch@collegeboard.org Jerry McMahan Associate Director, NC AP Partnership 704.575.7375 (phone) 850.521.4921 (fax) jmcmahan@collegeboard.org

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