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Giving Feedback to Students’ Errors in Writing and Speaking in the ESL Classroom : 

Giving Feedback to Students’ Errors in Writing and Speaking in the ESL Classroom Presented by Judy Clark

Error Analysis : 

Error Analysis What is error analysis? What are the major concepts involved in error analysis? The three ways errors are significant.

Mistakes vs. Errors : 

Mistakes vs. Errors Mistakes Errors Unsystematic errors Occurs in native language Not significant to the process of learning Performance Systematic Occurs in second language Significant to the process of learning Competence

Sources of Errors : 

Sources of Errors Developmental Interference Induced

Corrective Feedback : 

Corrective Feedback What is corrective feedback? Self correction Teacher’s role in feedback Criteria for error correction in the classroom

Error Feedback in Writing : 

Error Feedback in Writing Four main reasons for abandoning grammar correction: Research has not shown grammar correction to be effective. Language acquisition is a gradual process that cannot be accelerated through the “transfer” of grammar knowledge. The time students spend on understanding grammar correction and applying it could be spent more productively on other activities, such as improving organization and logic. Teachers may do a poor job of recognizing and correcting errors.

What to Do? : 

What to Do? Predict potential errors Practice proofread Be consistent Group work Model correct forms Suggest rewriting sentences

Recap on Errors and Feedback : 

Recap on Errors and Feedback Controversy continues as to whether error feedback helps L2 student writers Role of teacher very influential Sign of progress Patience is key

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