The Comforter Has Come

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The Comforter Has Come : 

The Comforter Has Come Lucy Leatherman & The Women of Azusa Street By Joyce A. Lighari Sioux Falls Seminary IC501 – Dr. Jay Moon June 22, 2009

The Azusa Street Revival 1906 : 

2 The Azusa Street Revival 1906 William Seymour House on Bonnie Brae Horse Barn on Azusa Street

The Women : 

The Women 3

Rachel Sizelove : 

Rachel Sizelove Itinerant Methodist minister Licensed with the AzusaStreet mission Traveled to Springfield MO Founding of Central Assembly and Central Bible College (Alexander 168-178) 4

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Out of the Fountain : 

Out of the Fountain According to the Worldwide Assemblies of God Constituency 2009 Report, the AG now has 61,550,938 members and adherents, an increase of 1.5 million over 2008. ( 6

Rosa DeLopez : 

Rosa DeLopez 300,000 Hispanic Americans in LA in 1906 Mexican immigrant Wife of a manual laborer Held street meetings to evangelize the Spanish Language not a problem: “If a Mexican or German cannot speak English, he gets up and speaks in his own tongue and feels quite at home for the Spirit interprets through the face and the people say ‘Amen’” (Alexander 107) (Alexander 104-108) 7

Lillian Garr : 

Lillian Garr Most educated of the women She and her husband traveled to Hong Kong, India and China In China campaigned against the practice of binding girls feet In Hong Kong had a child still-born, the older daughter died of smallpox and the son nearly died (Alexander 86-97) 8

Lucy Leatherman : 

Lucy Leatherman Well educated and widow ofa doctor Most traveled of the women “Her ministry touched fourcontinents and more than ten countries” (Alexander 71) She often traveled alone to countries where women were not highly regarded Alexander (71-79) 9

Lucy Leatherman : 

Lucy Leatherman Lucy was known to become fully engaged in the culture Reportedly experienced xenolalia Reportedly twice someone outside the revival recognized their native language when spoken by Lucy Was called to the Arabs Alexander (71-79) 10

Lucy Leatherman : 

Lucy Leatherman From 1906 to 1923 traveled around the world Traveled several times to Egypt Reporting in the Apostolic Times: Multitudes have been saved, sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost Traveled multiple times to Palestine because there are more Arabs there than Jews Traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, the Philippines, China and South America Alexander (71-79) 11

New York City to Norway : 

New York City to Norway 12 Thomas Ball Barratt Alexander (71-79)

New York City : 

New York City 13 Marie Burgess Brown Mother Brown

Full Circle : 

Full Circle 14

Obstacles and Problems : 

Obstacles and Problems No mission board, raised own financing Females in cultures not receptive to women Racism Loose leadership Several splits within the Mission Sensationalism 15

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End Time Awareness : 

End Time Awareness The participants in the Azusa Street Revival believed the end was near. They felt they were to do their part to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. Having experienced what they felt was empowerment for this task they furthered the Kingdom with boldness and power. The Comforter was not for their comfort but for the redemption and comfort of the world. 18

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Bibliography : 

Bibliography Alexander, Estrelda. The Women of Azusa Street. Cleveland Ohio: Pilgrim Press 2005. Barrett, David et al. World Christian Trends: Ad 30-Ad 2200: Interpreting the Annual Christian Megacensus. Pasadena California: William Carey Publishers 2003. Assembly of God World Missions. accessed June 18, 2009. Martin, Larry. Bishop William Seymour. Accessed June 20, 2009. Revival Library. Thomas Ball Barratt. accessed June 19, 2009 Pentecostals as Percentage Map accessed June 18, 2009. 20

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