Mass, Volume and Density PowerPoint

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By: mofa (56 month(s) ago)

Has anybody who requested a copy for their class actually got a copy? I asked over a week ago but never got a response, so I was just wondering.

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I would like to copy this for my class. Thank you

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Love the powerpoint on density! May I have a copy to share with my class?

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I would like a copy please.

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I would love to have a copy to use with my chemistry class. Thank you !

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Mass, Volume, and Density : 

Mass, Volume, and Density Floating and Sinking

Archimedes’ Story : 

Archimedes’ Story

Archimedes’ Story : 

Archimedes’ Story When you place an object in water, the rise in water is due to ______ ___________. Density depends on 2 things, __________ and ___________. Density is the reason objects _________ or _________ in fluids. added volume mass volume sink float

Volume : 


Density : 

Density To figure out the Density of an object, divide the object’s ________ by it’s __________. ___________ is how much space something takes up. Density = Mass / Volume mass volume Volume

The Density Triangle : 

The Density Triangle Density = mass per unit volume M = mass g, kg, mg V = volume mL, L, cm3 D= density: g/mL, g/L, g/cm3 M D V X : :

Density : 

Density Same Volume Different Mass Different Volume Same Mass

Density : 

Does greater volume or less mass make Diet Coke float? How do you know? Density

Density : 

Density If an object is More dense than the fluid it is in, it will _________. If an object is Less dense than the fluid it is in, it will __________. If a block of wood has a mass of 200 grams and has a volume of 4 liters, what is its density? sink float d = 200g / 4 L = 50 g/L

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