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NOTE CARD COMPLETION Name: put your first and last name To the right of you Name, in the right hand corner put your locker number and combination. Below your name: put your address, phone, mom and dad or guardians work phone, star the parent you would want me (teacher) to talk to if I call them, tell me something about you that may help promote your success, tell me something you like to do (hobbies, etc.) and finally tell me your favorite subject. Name : Perfect Petie Locker # and Combination Address Phone Parents and phone and star parent you want me to call What will promote your success? Hobbies? Favorite Subject?

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EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS (Expectations) for a CARING COMMUNITY BE ON TIME AND READY TO WORK! This includes, but is not limited to having the necessary materials for class, homework completed, etc. (Show the POWER) DEMONSTRATE RESPECT. Show respect to yourself, your peers, and adults. (Show the POWER) BE RESPONSIBLE. Show responsibility to yourself by doing such things you’re your homework and participating in class. Show responsibility to your peers by working well in class and showing the POWER in the halls, etc. And, show responsibility to adults by participating in class, being prepared, working hard, doing homework etc. (Show the POWER) BE KIND: If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. (Show the POWER)

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School Wide Consequences for Inappropriate Classroom Behavior NON-NEGOTIABLE: immediate office referral (see hand book for non-negotiable list) FIRST INCIDENT: discuss and re-teach appropriate behavior with students and document the misbehavior or issue. SECOND INCIDENT: discuss and re-teach appropriate behavior with students, document the misbehavior or issue and put an intervention into place. THIRD INCIDENT: discuss and re-teach appropriate behavior with students, document the misbehavior or issue, continue or change intervention, contact parent. FOURTH INCIDENT: referral to office and document.

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GUIDLINES FOR A GREAT YEAR!!! Do not interrupt; raise your hand. Be respectful of teacher, other students and property. Come ready, on time and prepared to learn with notebook, pen/pencil. Work at learning. Be organized.

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TARDIES First Tardy: Warning Second Tardy: Second Warning Third Tardy: After School Detention If tardies become habitual you will receive an office referral.

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BEING POSITIVE MEANS SAYING THINGS LIKE… Good Morning Great Job! Thank you I appreciate you Thanks for the help Yes! Yes I can!

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Do things that are POSITIVE like… Smile Listen Hold a door Give a high five Give thumbs up Be patient Allow for mistakes

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