1 Latin American Water Crisis

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By: Lacey, Alyssa, Cameran, Taylor, and Zoë


There is a freshwater shortage, but it is always raining and no one is collecting the water. There are people that have a lot of water but don’t need it all, and don’t let others that need it have/use it.


There is a shortage because it is powered by the people. The unclean water affects the health of people who drink it.


There are people dying and suffering from major illness, like, people look so hard for clean water and when finally find the clean water they drink it and die from touching it and contaminating it. Mining and pollution all contaminate the water. The poor pay more for water, and are more likely to suffer health problems.


They used a little pipe or tube to catch rainfall and clean and freshen it for good clean water. They hope building national and regional movements will help protect and preserve the water resources for future generations.


There is being a campaign to hold a national referendum on the right to water. They harvest water, by going out with buckets and are finding water for the people.


They would take the water and put a little strainer in it and all the bacteria would stick to the strainer. They would try to keep the water in storage.

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