Types of Cement Concrete Bricks

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Renacon is a South India’s leading brand of a new age green building and versatile wall material called Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks.


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Types of Cement Concrete Bricks

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Hollow concrete blocks  Commonly used in the construction industry concrete hollow blocks are usually manufactured using lightweight aggregates with a certain design load depending on the nature of member it will be used into.  Normally concrete hollow blocks have voids of ¼ its gross area and the solid area should be not less than half of its area to attain its maximum allowable load capacity

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Aerated Autoclaved Concrete Block AAC  Most of the time compared with bricks but is different in a lot of ways. Aerated Autoclaved concrete blocks are lighter and bigger version of bricks.  Mostly made with same ingredients as of bricks but with a different composition which made the material a vessel for cost-cutting.  Studies show that using autoclaved aerated block has diligently reduced the overall steel and concrete consumption by 15 and 10.

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AAC Blocks

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Concrete Bricks  Concrete bricks typically are small rectangular block arrange and piled systematically to create a rigid wall.  These bricks are usually made up of cooked clay or concrete. Some manufacturers use solid concrete while others play with its cement and aggregates ratio for economic purposes.  Other manufacturers also created bricks with different color as per request of some clients.

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Solid concrete blocks  Way denser and bigger that concrete bricks solid concrete blocks are manufactured to be strong heavy and created out of naturally dense aggregates.  These solid concrete blocks are strong enough that it is used for large masonry units that are load-bearing in nature.  Solid concrete blocks are just similar to concrete brick but is way costlier and heavier and can withstand more forces as compared to bricks.

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Paving Blocks  Paving blocks are generally just a rectangular or square box made up of reinforced concrete.  As these blocks are used in paving and road shoulders these have to be painted with high-visibility concrete paints so motorists and drivers could see it right away.  Also these blocks have to be rigid and firm enough to receive any car collisions.

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Paving Blocks

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Renacon AAC Blocks  Renacon is a South Ind ia ’ s leading brand of a new age green building and versatile wall material called Autoclaved Aerated Concrete AAC Blocks.  We strive to create a Green Eco- Friendly Environment by supplying innovative products that stimulates growth in construction industry.  To make renacon replace all types of concrete blocks and conventional clay bricks in construction industry by offering innovative Eco-Friendly New Age technology products along with unmatched service backup to customers.

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