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GraviCart Project : 

GraviCart Project Mrs. K.Han XXX High School Physics

Gravitational Potential Energy in Life : 

Gravitational Potential Energy in Life Skiing down the slope Roller coaster ….

Power Plant at a Dam : 

Power Plant at a Dam

Tidal Power Plant : 

Tidal Power Plant A waterfall drives a turbine, and the turbine drives an electric generator. The biggest tidal power station is in France. Three others exist in Canada, China and Russia.

About the Project : 

About the Project Student will build a cart powered by a 50 gram weight falling off 20 centimeter height. The potential energy should be able to propel the cart over a slick surface for some distance. Project guideline and rubrics will be given out to follow.

In this project, we use “potential energy” to power our cart

Newton’s First Law of Motion : 

Newton’s First Law of Motion If an object is at rest, it tends to stay at rest, and if an object is in motion, it tends to stay in motion at a constant velocity until an outside force affects the object’s state of inertia Law of Inertia

Mass : 

Mass Mass is the amount of matter in an object Does mass have direction Does mass change? What is weight?

Acceleration : 

Acceleration What is acceleration Is the object accelerating if the velocity stays the same? Give examples of things that accelerate in speed. A good acceleration

Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion : 

Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion If an unbalanced forced acts on an object, the object accelerates in the direction of the force. The acceleration varies directly with the unbalanced force. The acceleration varies inversely with the mass of the object

Force : 

Force Force is simply a push or pull. When F = 0 When F > 0

Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion : 

Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion For every action force, there exists a reaction force that is equal in magnitude but opposite in direction Newton’s third law states that for every action force there is an opposite and equal reaction force.

Potential Energy : 

Potential Energy An object can store energy as the result of its position. For example, a ball placed on the table. The stored energy is released when the ball drops.

Work : 

Work Work is done when a force acts on the object and causes it to move some distance.

Ideal Case : 

Ideal Case

What Causes Loss of Energy : 

What Causes Loss of Energy Drag Friction Excess Mass

Drag : 

Drag The frontal area pushes against the air in the front. Air flows over the body causes friction. This is known as drag. Our cart travels at low speed. We can ignore the drag in this project. How do we reduce drag?

Friction : 

Friction Friction is a force that is created whenever two surfaces move or try to move across each other. Friction always opposes the motion of attempted motion of one surface across another surface How do we reduce friction?

Excess Mass : 

Excess Mass The potential energy is the same for all. The more mass a GraviCart has, the slower the acceleration. How do we reduce mass?

GraviCart Design Process : 

GraviCart Design Process Clarify the problem Research and investigate (key word: gravity car) Generate design Choose a solution Develop a prototype Test and evaluate Redesign the solution

Possible Design : 

Possible Design

Vocabulary : 

Vocabulary Force Mass Weight Acceleration Velocity Potential Energy Physics Efficiency Drag Friction Inertia

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